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  • My children 11 & 9 went to see The Crazy Scientist, they were spellbound, laughed and oohed & arhred. Very entertaining. Not sure who learned more- me or the kids. Lenoie (School Fete Organizer)
  • "I learn't how to make fake blood and that was my favourite part" Jordan 8yr (Mad Medicine)
  • We were thoroughly impressed with The Crazy Scientist. The bubbles and slime  workshop was entertaining, exciting and involved lots of hands on opportunities for all of our children aged (2-5 years) to participate. M White (Laugh & Learn)
  • "The best part was watching the clouds being made in the BIG water bottle. I liked seeing them shoot into the air, really fun"   Tori  9yr (Nitro-Tastic)
  • Thank you for the educational fun you provided at Bunnings Dural. My two had a great time in the big bubble and my little boy had a plastic glove today and asked me to see how much "pressure" i could blow it up with.

    Charlotte (parent)

    Dural Bunnings

  • The Crazy Scientist (Darin) came to our son's 7th birthday. He had 20 or so kids attention for around 90 mins. They had an absolute ball, listening to every word and they were amazed at some of the experiments and clever things that were shown. It was very interactive so they could all participate. Would highly recommend. Thanks again Darin for a terrific party. D. McLusky