This Bubble-ific experiment is not only FUN but also a great way to explore light colour films, angles, shapes and more. You can make your own using pipe cleaners and straws or you can buy our special kits:

– Crazy Bubble Kit

– Crazy Cube Bubble Kit

Start creating / building and explore the world of bubbles!

Materialszometool materials

– Large container of water

– Detergent or Crazy Bubble Juice (make longer lasting bubbles)

– Straws

– Pipe cleanders, scissors



1. Detergents can be very slippery if spilt on floors. Wipe up immediately if spillage occurs.

2. If making your own with pip cleaners, be careful when using scissors (adult supervision needed).

3. Our kits (made by Zometool) have small balls and are NOT suitable for children under 3 years. If you have younger siblings, please make sure they are supervised and ALL parts are packed away after use.

Start by making the cube. Connect the Zometool pieces together into 2 x flat squares.  tzometool step1


Join the squares up together with cross members.  This makes the cube. Add a handle to help lower and raise into the bubble solution.zometool step2

Lower the cube completely into the solution and then raise up again. This should create a bubble ‘bridge’ between each side.zometool step3

We have changed the background to black to make seeing the bubbles easier.

Lower the bubble frame half way into the solution again. This traps some air under the bride and when you raise it again, you should have a cube bubble.

zometool step4

You can make a cube frame using pipe cleaners and straws. It is less rigid than the Zometool materials and needs practise.

zometool step 5

Check out the ‘Wacky Science’ video of this experiment and ‘What’s Going On’ series link. They are currently ‘In Production’, so check back soon…..

Wacky Science Ep






If you would like

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