Hands-on Learning that promotes enquiry

Explore states of matter during 'Slime Time'

Colour Mixing

Chemical Reactions

Experience 'Bubble Spaceships'

Surface Tension

Colour Spectrum

Bubble Domes and Bubble Geometry

Solution Science

Colour Spectrum

Investigating the science of toys

Making Meaningful connections


Flubber and Dino Snot Slime


Viscosity & MORE....

Chatterbox Tubes and air pressure


Air Pressure

Experience Crazy Bicarb Rockets Outside


Experimental variables

Get your 3D glasses on!

  • I really like our science club, because it is fun and I learn a lot. Luke
  • I like the slime the best. Coming to the club is the best because we do it every Wednesday. Irelyn
  • When we are to see what happens when certain substances are mixed with others. Great fun, exciting and interactive. Breeanna
  • I really like investigating bubbles and making slime. I have lots of fun at science club. Hazel
  • I like it because you get to make crazy things and see what happens with reactions and its FUN. Kaitlyn
  • My favorite part is the bubbles because you learn about colours and how to make bubble catepillars clime your arm. Erin

Alpha Beta Services and The Crazy Scientist have teamed up to provide unique experiences for your children that are simply……..out of this world.

The experiences your child gets each week exposes them to many science concepts, skill development and equipment that they normally would have to ait until high school years all while having FUN.

Some of the activities covered during Term 1 include:

Eating Slime and learning about polymers and chemical changes

Making Flubber slime, vomit slime and more while experiencing elastic forces, textures, mixture ratios, measuring skills and more

Bubble Mania: getting inside bubbles, making geometric bubbles all while learning about light, solutions and mathematical concepts.

Mentos Geyser explosions: Physical and chemical changes were explored while learning about changing variables in experiments

Crazy Rockets: chemical reactions, gas production and experimental variables were explored in style (and the kids took home their own rocket)

Crazy Dinos: This was a MASSIVE workshop that allowed the kids to stand next to a 1metre Woolly Mammoth femur, hold a 1m Woolly Rhino horn and compare their own head to the life sized Sabre-toothed cat skull. They also explored MANY other fossils while learning about types of consumers, fossil formation and MORE.

Many MORE.

Term 2 we will explore MORE Crazy Science.

Seeing is Believing!

Many kids learn by visual methods, in fact that is why Apple and many other technology based companies these days put so much effort into developing visual ways of learning. (iPads, Slates, Youtube etc)

The Crazy Scientist® knows this, and with his 19years in education, couples highly visual materials with hands-on learning (which is called kinesthetic learning) in an evironment of FUN to ensure maximum learning takes place…….often without effort!

The experiences at Alpha Beta OOSH with The Crazy Scientist® occur weekly (some every fortnight) to provide children with experiences that they would either have to wait until high school for OR (dare I say) may not even get in high school. 

We believe that maxium learning gain occurs when children enters an environment that is:

– Highly engaging with unique experiences (to stimulate their inner passion)

– Structured with a learning focus

– FUN and exciting

– Supportive for their needs

– Meaningful to their life

– Hands-on and highly visual

All these aspects are considered when The Crazy Scientist®  comes and delivers the Crazy Science Club.

Check Out what we do in the Public Promotion Sci-Club Video

This video is for 'In-house viewing only. Staff and Parents should enter your PW to watch video

This video is for 'In-house viewing only. Staff enter your PW to watch video

Latest Crazy Science Club Video

Staff of Alpha Beta OOSH Services have the opportunity for customised staff training for their Science Club Term 2. Click the graphic below to get access to the PW protected support material.

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