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The core science demonstrations, experiments and ideas of some material has been readily available from many science educators for decades, however, the manner in which they are presented or explained and their ‘name’ are unique to The Crazy Scientist® and it is to that unique presentation methodology that may not be demonstrated or performed in the same manner in a live, first person classroom setting or recorded and subsequently made available or distributed. All broadcasts, Internet, YouTube, and any and all other uses are strictly withheld by The Crazy Scientist®and permission for all other uses by anyone must be obtained in writing first.


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Intellectual Property

The Crazy Scientist®  recognises that many experiments of science content / phenomena/ processes and concepts have been done (in a similar manner) for decades, however, the style/manner , verbal explanations , theatrical execution, workshop design or construction, experiment and demonstration names, product design and names, equipment design, downloadable guides and lab coat design by participants are unique to The Crazy Scientist® and are subject to IP and Copyright Laws.

Those specifically designed by The Crazy Scientist® (TCS) for use in Australia as a Science Education workshop, Show, Performance, Home experiment are displayed in the following list of product names, experiment names, demonstration names and or performance, products, workshop designs, and are subject to IP and Copyright Laws as of 1 Jun 2013. A collective list to highlight such content (but not limited to) is shown below to illustrate such material. You may NOT copy in any way the names / demonstration method or performance of the following workshops, demonstrations, experiments, products or video episodes. To do so would constitute a breech of IP and copyright law and you will be asked to refrain from or remove such behaviours / material prior to the commencement of legal procedures.

Workshop Design

Fantastic Forces, Sickening Science, Bogus Body Bits, Crazy Cannon & Rockets, Wacky Science, Nitro-Tastic, Super-Sleuths, Chaotic Chemistry, Mad Medicines, Bubble ‘n’ Pop, Exploration Science, Slime-Fest, Shocking Electricity, Mighty Magnets, Weird Water, Crazy Dinosaurs, Bubble Mania, Fizzing & Foaming, Spooktacular, Wacky Winter, A Bug’s Life, pH Power, Crazy Medieval Madness, Fun Fizzics, Looney Light

Demonstration Name and or Performance Style

Bubble dome, Horseshoe Bubble, Ghost Bubble force field, Magdeburg Hemisphere Horse Pull, Newton’s Gyro Seat, Ping-Pong Ball Cannon, ‘The Force’ demonstration, Newton’s Egg Drop, Buzz Light Year Rockets, Slinky-Dog Waves, LN Smashing-Finger, LN ‘Vegie Head’ Smasherâ„¢, LN Giant Gum-Ball Shower, Ghost Brains, Chatterbox Challenge, Exploding Rainbow, Flying Monkey/Pig/Chicken, LN & Fire, LN Genie/Geyser, collection of science circus demos, Balancing Bird Head, Exploding Head, Air Pressure Karate Chop, Crazy Nail Seat Challenge, Hairy Hairdryers, Edible Dandruff, Campfire Bucket Science, Balloon Water Bender, Krakatoa Volcanic Explosion, Magic Minion Bernoulli Buster, Impossible Funnel, Bubble Brain, Rainbow Crazy Snow Magic, Frantic Food Webs, Terrific Trebuchets, Crazy Catapults, Pirate Cannons, Fire-nado, Jester Dancing Shadows, Coloured Ninja’s, Bouncing Photons,

Product Names

Swamp Slime, Chatterbox Tube, Ozzy Octopus, Crazy Film Canisters, ALL Terrific Tube Experiments, ALL Home school kits, Super Test Tubes, ALL Crazy Party Kits, Crazy Bubble Juice, Sparkle Glasses, Crazy Snow Terrific Tube, Crazy Test Tube Science Kit, Sickening Slime Tube Kit, UV-Necklace Test Tube, Vomit Slime, Terrific Tubes, Galaxy Slime Test Tube, Expanda-Crocs,

Experiment Names

Foul Fingerprinting, Crazy Car Comparisons, Terrible Teeth Investigations, Blood Flubber, Pulsating Pressure, Sickening Slime, Melon Brain Surgery, Birthday in a bottle, Magic Can Crusher, Screaming Rockets, Crazy Cyclones, Crazy Seat, Invisible Ghost Brains, Alien Snot Slime, Edible Dandruff, Popeye Chemistry, M&M Magic, Sink or Swim, Underwater Godzilla Geyser, Balloon Water Bender, Spooky Spoon, Flying Minion Magic, Hairy Hairdryers, Crazy Snow Strata Test Tubes, Walrus Gloves, Dino Toothpaste, Pirate Cannons, Rancid Monster Slime, Rock Strata Test Tubes

Equipment Design

Buzz Light Year Rockets, Bubble Device, Ozzy Octopus, Crazy Film Canister, Balancing Bird device, Magdeburg Hemisphere Horse Pull, Terrific Tubes (Rock strata TT )

Experiment Guides “Bright Spark Guides”

ALL Bright Spark Guides (design and content) are copyright by TCS

FREE Experiment Sheets

The content and presentation style of the sheets are under copyright including the pictures. If You print and distribute these, then the requirements stated above relating to source identification must be observed.

Show Names and Design

The theatrical nature of the shows designed by TCS contain both common and unique science demonstrations of science concepts. However, the presentation style and manner in which they are explained remain the copyright and IP of TCS. Specifically the names of the shows have been used by TCS and are considered copyright along with the characteristic demonstrations contained within the shows. Names used include: Fantastic Forces Show, Looney Light Show, Nitro-Tastic Show, Chaotic Chemistry Show, Astro-Light Show, and Wacky Science Show.

Characteristic demonstrations and dress are pivotal parts to the unique Crazy Scientist experience and include the demonstrations mentioned above. Any use of these characteristic demonstrations in part or full in a program NOT designed by TCS will be considered a breech of the IP of TCS and the offending party will be asked to cease the use of those characteristic demonstrations prior to legal proceedings.

Video Series

The video series ‘Wacky Science’ is designed to be complimentary to the experiences at TCS website. The Wacky Science series is a ‘demonstration style series that promotes inquiry and provides ‘food for thought’ opportunities.

The music tracks for “Wacky Science’ series, promo video, ‘Crazy Science Club’ video promo are original pieces of music that have been purchased from for commercial use.

Brain in a Box Kits

The kit name and design, advertising sliders and pictures of kits are under copyright by The Crazy Scientist®. The kit collection is under production as of May 2014. The anticipated kit names are provided, but not limited to the following: Chatterbox Capers, Crazy Film Canister Chemistry, Density Terrific Tubes, Crazy Snow Wonders, Bernoulli Busters, Sickening Slime Time, Screaming Sounds, Wacky Weather 1, Wacky Weather 2, Chaotic Colours,

Crazy Science Club

The Crazy Science Club logo, name and science club design is under copyright. The design of the workshops that include support material that is posted/emailed/ subscription access to clubs, video subscription services and printed material are all uniquely designed by TCS and shall not be copied or re-purposed in any manner.

Theatrical Dress

An important aspect to engaging the audience, students, children, parents is the use of theatrical dress by The Crazy Scientist®, volunteers and participants. In the execution of the various shows, workshops, demonstrations, videos and in-services The Crazy Scientist® uses the following (but not limited to) theatrical dress: Coloured lab coat and or Jacket/suit, Mad Medicine outfit, Karate Outfit, Forensic Overalls, Pirate Cannon clothes, Jester Hat and coloured Ninja’s for light concepts.

Children wear coloured lab coats and safety glasses to protect, enthuse and educate. The colours they wear and educational link to the colour EM spectrum in workshops/parties design is also unique to TCS and is protected by copyright. Furthermore, demonstration theatrical dress by the children to enhance concepts during workshop presentation is also under copyright and IP protection. Various Crazy hats worn by children to educate pressure concepts, food web relationships are subject to TCS copyright and IP rights.

Adult volunteers in corporate shows may also wear coloured lab coats when demonstrating concepts.


5P Teacher Training Video Series

The 5P teacher training series is designed by TCS and their content, presentation style, marketing, name remain the copyright of TCS and should not be copied or re-purposed in any manner. The series is made by teachers for teachers to support their implementation of science demonstrations, activities and or tricks into a classroom setting. The material contained within the videos within membership area (content, printed documents, IP concepts, professional development material) all are manufactured by TCS and remain the copyright of TCS and shall not be copied, duplicated in whole or part, redistributed, streamed, converted other formats to non-purchasing organisations or individuals. Access to the membership area is for the individual or school purchaser only and the sharing of login details to non-paying individuals would constitute ‘file-sharing’ and the login details would thereafter be void (without a refund). TCS would encourage the respectful use of the access membership area to promote the professional development of the purchaser and their student learning. Full details can be found in our T&C section.

Wacky Science and Looney Lab Classroom Creations Video Episodes

These video series are filmed, produced, edited and owned by The Crazy Scientist® for the purposes of education. The style is based broadly on ‘high-key’ graphical design concepts. The explanation and presentation of content within the episodes are bound by our Terms and Conditions and also contain IP copyright. The series images and video filming remain the copyright of The Crazy Scientist® and any use of needs written permission prior to use.

Product Experiment Episodes

These video series are filmed, produced, edited and owned by The Crazy Scientist®for the purposes of instructing the use of products. The style is based around home / workshop exploration and the manner of presentation, ideas mentioned within the videos are the IP and copyright of TCS.


Trade Mark Items

‘The Crazy Scientist’ logo and name are covered by Australian Trademark and IP Law and is identified by the ® symbol and therefore is protected from use by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and according to Trade Marks Act 1995. The Crazy Scientist® is a registered trade mark (TMN#:1622307) and therefore is protected from use according to class descriptions illustrated below:

class 28: Educational kits comprising of toys; toys; scientific kits for educational or entertainment purposes comprising of toys; toy rockets; toy test tubes; toy chemicals; toy scientific apparatus; toy scientific experiments being goods in class 28.

class 41:  Education and training services; entertainment; cultural activities; online educational and training services; provision of entertainment and educational services involving scientific displays; arranging and conducting science workshops, demonstrations, shows, and performances; organising and providing events for entertainment or educational purposes; organising and providing birthday parties; organising and providing corporate dinner shows and demonstrations for entertainment or educational purposes being services in class 41.

Names, terms, phrases that are also designed by TCS and used in a trade marked manner include: Sci-U-Tainmentâ„¢, Smashing Vegie Headâ„¢, ‘We don’t bring a bucket, we bring a trailer load’â„¢, Crazy Snowâ„¢ and Galaxy Slime Test Tubeâ„¢ , Swamp Slime ™, Expanda-Crocsâ„¢, 360-eLearningâ„¢, Crazy Science Clubâ„¢, The use of the element Cs to represent and stand for ‘Crazy Science Clubâ„¢’ , Crazy OOSH Bootcamp Seriesâ„¢. We have been using the phrase ‘Making Science Magicalâ„¢ for the past 3 years and consider it to be a trade marked use.


All material (information, images and videos) are the copyright property of TCS. Specifically,

a) Preliminary & HSC Chemistry Service

  • The videos, worksheets are produced by TCS and henceforth the information within remain the copyright of TCS.

b) 5p Teacher Development Series

  • This series has been designed and produced by TCS for preschool, primary, secondary teachers and those providers in the areas of Out of School Hours Care (OOSH centres, Vacation care centres).  The information within the videos and written support documentation shall not be shared, re-purposed in any way without the written content of TCS and the original copyright remains with the original developer (TCS).
  • Access to the service occurs as a result of subscription according to the T&C outlined in 5p Subscription section.


Crazy Scientist Bootcamp Seriesâ„¢

The ‘Crazy Scientist Bootcamp Series’  (OOSH and SCHOOL Series) design, content, promotion, descriptions and structure remain the IP and copyright property of TCS. The OOSH series have been designed in consultation with professionals in the field of Child Care to ensure that they are relevant and adhere to the guidelines of the National Quality Framework and associated documents relating to OOSH care. The descriptions, promotion, content and ideas used in the following, but not limited to, series are the copyright and IP of TCS and shall not be repurposed in any form. The series include: Bootcamp Intro Workshop, Bootcamp Chemistry Workshop, Physics Workshop and Bootcamp Professors Workshop.