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Our science camps are the perfect way to keep your kids active during the holiday period while learning science in a highly engaging and interactive manner. Due to the popularity of our workshops and parties, working parents have been asking us to run week long camps to give their children greater exposure to:


Highly engaging science activities that are run by qualified teachers

Science activities that emphasise more time to explore science concepts

Opportunities to manipulate and construct experiments like real scientists

Unique science equipment that they do NOT find anywhere else (Slime Machine, Giant Plasma Globe, Edible slime, Giant bubble device and MORE….)



Over the course of 5 days and with the help of our Crazy Scientists, participants are transformed into mini-crazy scientists who explore the wonders of the science universe while wearing coloured lab coats and camp tee shirts.

Through specific science equipment (normally only used by high school level scientists), unique materials and common objects, your child learns science in a FUN environment like NEVER before. They investigate, make and use science materials to learn science concepts AND get to take home many science specific gifts.

multiple themes

Each day of the camp has a different theme to ensure that your mini-scientist get lots of variety. The themes for each day and the activities are illustrated in the camp timetable below.

Every day, participants will not only engage in great scientific experiments BUT will make and take home their very own ‘themed’ science gift. The materials taken home are designed to continue their learning and enjoyment of science.


Crazy Sci time table




what to expect table

We go that extra ‘mile’ to make sure the following promises occur:

  • To stimulate your child imagination through unique, stimulating and VERY hands-on activities
  • To use highly theatrical, qualified teachers who are first aid trained and with current anaphylaxis (Epipen) training.
  • To inspire children during each day’s activities and encourage them to explore science at home (through FREE home experiment sheets)
  • To reinforce the positive learning experiences at the camp with daily take home experiments, gifts and experiment sheets.
  • To provide the highest quality learning materials to enhance learning and promote high engagement.
  • To provide science equipment that is not available anywhere else: edible slime chemicals, largest mobile plasma globe, 1m BIG fossils, (to name a few)
  • To provide coloured lab coats and other materials for the children to wear while at the camp that enables an environment that is safe, engaging, fun andimaginative.

Basically…….. we


Give you MORE to take home

Use unique equipment and chemicals not found elsewhere

Have experienced teachers who know how to deliver content to engage kids and extend talented children 

theme day details

Super Sleuth SciCamp Slider

Get your detective hat on, as this day goes beyond our famous Super Sleuth Workshop.

The kids explore many scientific skills and techniques to catch the crafty criminals during this day. Some of the concepts encountered include:

Separation techniques (chromatography, centrifugation, filtration, and more)….. using scientific equipment found in many High School labs!

Fibre Analysis: Hair fibres, fabric fibres and animal fibres are examined using microscopes (monocular & stereoscopic) as well as digital microscopes. Electron micrographs are also used to illustrate how high tech equipment is used to find the nasty fiend. Nothing escapes the keen eye of our forensic engineers here!

Blood Analysis: Kids explore and learn the science behind blood groups, typing, antigen complexes, and much more with hands-on exploration of this forensic technique. They make fake blood and test it to find the criminal, examine blood smears under microscopes, and much more.

Tool Analysis: The forensic technique of tool analysis impressions and microscopy is examined in this section, where kids first hand compare tools found at a crime scene with suspect tools. Can the long arm of the law work out who did it?

Bone Analysis: Forensic Anthropology is the section of interest here. The kids examine bones (real and forensic skullreplica) to work out what organism they came from. They also learn about how scientists work out the age of bones, how they died and much more. A life sized replica of an actual forensic skull is examined here to learn the amazing life of a 1200 year old women.

UV Forensic chemistry: The kids explore how UV light can make chemicals glow and how these are used in forensic science to solve a crime. 

Forensic Ballistics: Examine real spent bullet casings and more to solve a crime.


Many, many MORE activities (Foul Fingerprinting, Tyre Analysis, Facial reconstruction, etc) to fill the day out with amazing Forensic Chemistry Science activities.





Chaotic Chemistry Sci Camp


On this day, children get absolutely Crazy with Chemical Chaos!

They wear their coloured lab coats and coloured safety glasses to investigate many experiments that use chemicals in test tubes, produce gases, glowing reactions and many more. They experience demonstrations of chemical reactions that explode, propel foam several meters into the air, catch on fire and more to dazzle their brain cells.

The children do do a MINIMUM of  15  chemical hands-on experiments, and possibly more depending on time.

They use specific chemical equipment that is normally reserved for use by high school children as well as common materials to explore the wonders of chemistry.

chemical glassware








Some of the experiments in detail include:

Jupiter in a test tube challenge: Here the kids explore the concept of density in a FUN and engaging manner with ajupiter-in-a-test-tube-step4 challenge twist. They make coloured solutions of different densities and then layer these in a test tube. A steady hand in needed for success, get your chemical pipettes ready for this challenge.



Lava Lamps: The kids explore chemical reactions, density, miscibility while making their very own lava lamps to take home. They explore reaction rates and more through careful manipulation of variables in controlled experiments.


Exploding Sandwiches: The kids explore the chemical concepts of gas reactions, reaction rates, surface area and explosions while making very safe mini-exploding sandwiches.  A FUN and highly innovative way to explore chemical concepts.

These and many more experiments such as glowing test tubes, fire tornadoes, elephants toothpaste and more are used to really make your mini-scientist love the area of Chemistry. Highly interactive, engaging and action packed day while learning at the same time.



Fantastic Physics


The day is cram packed with hands-on experiments that explore many physics topics including: motion, electricity, pressure, gravity, space rockets and MORE!

In the usual Crazy Scientist style, we provide the kids the most engaging way to explore science concepts that enable them to have FUN at the same time they are learning. Imagine:

– Dry Ice Cannons: These are fantastic way to allow kids to explore physics concepts of air pressure, forces and even chemical concepts of state changes, temperature and more.  They make mini cannons that enable them to create smoke vortex rings fly out of their canons. Simply ‘Sensational Science’!

– Chatterbox Tubes:

chatterbox blue

The is an amazing way to explore the wonders of air pressure, Newton’s Laws, and more. The kids love them and find them so entertaining that they do not even think they are learning science.We like to call this ‘Invisible Learning’




–  Radical Film Canister Rockets: These little gems have been around for a while, although they seem to be hard to find in our digital age. Well, The Crazy Scientist®  has found a source for these and brings lots to make rockets flying in the air with ease. Each child gets their own to keep and launch like a true rocket scientist. Using their knowledge of Newton, force and more, they then make their own BIG rocket with a parachute and then launch that into the air.

radica rockets








These and many more hands on activities create an unforgettable learning experience for your kids that emphasise FUN and science.

Mad Scientists

This day is all about being a Mad, Crazy, Zainy or a Loopy Scientist!

We explore ALL areas of science that really make your heads spin such as: Chemical reactions, motion experiments, Liquid Nitrogen experiments that involve explosions, Electricity experiments using the BIGGEST mobile plasma ball in Australia and many many more!

If you love being crazy and doing science, then this day is for you.

Some of the experiences to look forward to include:

Liquid Nitrogen: Rockets, smashing objects and geysers that shoot meters into the air. These illustrate many science concepts such as force, temperature changes, pressure and more.

plasma globe went2Plasma Globes: Many mini-plasma globes and the BIGGEST plasma globe are used to illustrate the forth state of matter (plasma) to the kids along with EM radiation, electrons, light production, fields and more crazy concepts. They make LED lights, fluro lights illuminate in their hands without touching anything! How is this possible?



– Magic Chemistry: Can you create coloured snow out of your hand? OR maybe make coloured solids appear before your eyes when two clear solutions are mixed? The magic is in your hands with Crazy science experiments around….Magic Chemistry.

Solar Power: Can you make a 15m long black tube fly high in the air like a GIANT UFO?solar bag

Use the power of science to make it happen.






These and many, many more experiments that are just Crazy get your Mad Scientist learning and having fun.






Slime Fest Day

This day is a Slime Fest bonanza. If you love slime, then this day is for you. We do MORE slime activities and types of slime than any where else, such as

Edible Slime: That’s right. You make slime worms, bugs that you can eat. Let them slide down your throat while you learn about polymers and more. 

Cornflour Slime: A popular slime that most people do as it is SO easy. A great way to explore non-newtonian fluids, pressure and features of states of matter.

Electrostatic Slime: We explore how slime can be made that is attracted to a charged object. Stop it flowing in mid-air.

Flubber Slime: Our flubber slime is a favourite as it is commonly used to make vomit slime. 

Mucous / Snot Slime: Here the kids examine how a translucent slime can be made really easily to explore co-polymers.


In addition to these, we can use our slime machine to get slimmed and also run across our new challenge called ‘Slime on the Run’.



pricing information table

Please examine the pricing table below to choose the best option for your child / children.

Remember you can also….. Pay in Instalments (New for 2015)

Spread the cost of your booking by paying in monthly instalments, up to the date of the camp. Please send us an email at to discuss options.

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‘Extra Care’

If you find it hard to drop your child/children off at the scheduled camp start time (9.00am) and would like to drop them off earlier (from 8.00am), then we have that option called ‘Extra Care’.

Extra Care also allows you to pick them up later than the scheduled 3.30pm pick up time and extends to 4.30pm.

This service will cost an extra $10 per child.

Please note: This Extra Care service is provided for those who pre-arrange and pay for it. If you have not arranged this and pick up or drop off your child earlier / later than 15min before or after scheduled times, then this ‘Extra Care’ cost will be allocated to your camp cost.


How do I pay?

You can pay your camp fees via EFT. You need to email us the following information:

– Which days you would like to book

– How many children you would like to book

From this we can work out the total cost taking into the discount options and provide you with an invoice for payment. 

ALL camp fess must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to camp dates. Please note that camps have a minimum number of participants (20 children) or the camp will be cancelled.


If you would like to arrange the ‘Payment Instalment’ option, please add this to your email