Here is a collection of the various Home Experiment sheets we hand out to ALL children at our workshops, shows and parties. 

We believe that children should be continually challenged and have MORE than a ‘fly-by’ science experience. That is why we give each child:

– A FREE science gift to take home to explore

– A FREE home experiment sheet to continue the (FUN) and learning.

These experiment sheets are ‘summaries’ of the more detailed experiments in our ‘Looney Lab Experiment Section’ in which there is also videos.

Explore the wonders of science and feel free to print and share!


Some experiments use fantastic products from our online store (shown to the right).

A FUN and unique way to promote enjoyment, exploration and wonder in the learning of science for ALL ages.

Jupiter in a Test Tube
Looney Lava Lamps
Alien Snot Slime