We use energy everyday in our lives that, to a large extend, comes from fossil fuels. Petrol in our cars, clothes that we wear and even a large proportion of the energy in our homes (lights, electricity etc) come from the decayed remains of plants and animals (oil, coal and gas).

This module examines the chemistry behind how fossil fuels came about, the use of these fuels and how chemical reactions occur.

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Kid with test tube

Kid with test tube

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Sections in this module:

001 Photosynthesis  & Fossil fuels

002 Compounds in Petroleum

003 Bonding in Carbon &

Variety of compounds

004 Fractional Distillation

005 Alkanes ,Alkenes

006 Properties of Alkanes and Alkenes


007 Chemical Changes & Combustion

008 Lab: Combustion of wood

009 Bond Formation / Breaking

010 Activation Energy

011 Endo/Exothermic reactions

012 Ignition Temp & activation energy


013 Combustion II

014 Temp & KE

015 Catalysts

016 Lab: Changing Reaction Rates

017 Chemistry of Explosions


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