This first module examines elements and compounds, how they differ chemically from each other and how they make up the millions of compounds in and around us. Compounds are located in the Earth as mixtures, how we separate them (industrially & in the lab) to obtain pure substances to use. It examines how the physical and chenical nature of the compounds determine their properties and how easily they can be separated and used.

Ionic compounds, covalent compounds are examined in terms of naming, formation and structure and compared to the elements that make them up. The differences between physical and chemical changes are also examined, specifically how energy is used to break compounds apart. Chemical equation writting is also examined.

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Sections in this modeule:

001 Chemical Equations 1                                                 002 Mixtures in the Earth

003 Atomic Structure and Ionic Compounds               004 Separating Mixtures

005 Lab1 Separation of a Mixture                                  006 Naming Compounds

007 Chemical Equations 2                                              008 Gravimetric Analysis

009 Lab 2 % Comp Barium Sulfate                               010 Chemical Reactivity

011 Physical Properties of M and NM                           012 Lab 3 Classifying Compounds based on

Physical Properties

013 Periodic Table and Atomic Structure 1               014 Periodic Table and Atomic Structure 2

015 Ionic Equations & Formula                                  016 Covalent Compounds and Lewis Structures

017 Metallic, Ionic Covalent Bonds                            018 Lab 4 Modelling Compounds

019 Physical and Chemical Changes                         020 Lab5 Decomposition of a Carbonate

021 Decomposition of Silver Halides                         022 Lab 6 Boiling and Electrolysis of Water

023 Compare Compounds with their Element          024 Lab 7 Magnesium Oxide

025 Energy Changes and Bond Strength                   026 Chemistry Study Tips