Explore Science experiments like NEVER before!

School HW LAB and The Crazy Kids LAB

You may have been at one of my shows, workshops, birthday parties OR just be popping by, whatever the location…… welcome to explore MORE Science!


  1. Crazy Kids LAB

This is a FREE course we are updating on our new education website for kids. At our parties, we give the kids an experiment sheet. We want our kids to do experiments to:

  • Explore science in a safe place
  • Be educationally focused and FUN at the same time


Here in the Crazy kids LAB, the experiments are at a lower FUN based level for the children in a sfae place… No Youtube Adds etc

They are being updated at the moment to include points and gifts when the kids complete them.


2. School HW LAB

This a new website that I adding my video courses for High School Science.

Junior videos, Senior Chemistry and Senior Physics. 30% OFF for party bookers children. (email / ask at party for discount code).


  • Gamified courses for High School Science

  • NEW Junior Science Syllabus

  • Senior Chemistry

  • Senior Physics

  • Videos to help your child STUDY

  • How to write practical reports

  • How to tabulate, graph and TIPS on best study methods

  • Self-marked multiple choice questions

  • Worksheets (being added)

  • ALL videos have closed captions


  • Being built during 2023……… …………….. see below for some example videos………………….. 30% OFF for party participants (get code at party)