Do you have a ‘Superhuman’ set of lungs? How easy do you think it is to blow up a latex glove inside an empty 2L PET bottle?

After all, the bottle is empty! Let’s give it a go and observe the Magic of science.


1 x 2L PET bottle (no hole in base)

1 x 2L PET bottle (with hole drilled in bottom)……. adult made

2 x latex gloves

Roll of electrical tape


Safety Heading


  • An adult should use a drill, correct drill bit and safety equipment (glasses) to drill a small hole in the bottom of ONE 2L bottle.

  • Keep latex glove away from small children.

  • Latex allergy. If allergic use a non-latex glove or balloon.

Into the bottle with NO hole, place the glove inside the bottle and stretch the end of the glove over the mouth of the bottle and tape in place with the electrical tape.

Take a deep breath and try to blow (inflate) the glove inside the bottle. Challenge your friends to do the same.

Prepare the second bottle by getting your mum or dad to drill a hole in the base of the bottle.

Using a second latex glove, prepare the second bottle as you did for the first bottle.

Try to inflate it again, but this time as you get near the end, cover the hole with your finger. (prevents glove from deflating)

Check out the ‘Wacky Science’ video of this experiment and ‘What’s Going On’ series link. They are currently ‘In Production’, so check back soon…..

Wacky Science Ep

What's Going On?


The magical ‘Invisible’ power of air can be explored in this little GEM.

We often forget about things because we can not see them and air is no different. We grow up thinking that empty space occurs when we have an empty glass or bottle. So when you try to blow the balloon inside the bottle, you may think EASY. As I blow the balloon it should expand inside the balloon into the empty space. mmmmmm

Well, there is no empty space inside the balloon. There is AIR.

Air is made up of billions of microscopic molecules (mixture of gases) that are continually moving around taking up space and create a force on the inside of the bottle.



When you try to inflate the balloon with NO hole, the air inside the bottle is pushing against the balloon and stopping it from expanding. The bottle with the hole is different. As you blow the balloon, it pushes the air inside the bottle out through the hole. This allows the air (inside the bottle) to escape and make room for the balloon to expand.



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air: a mixture of gases that is (most of the time) invisible BUT takes up space.

gas: a material that spreads out to fills up the space it is in.