Matter takes up space and is one of the main ideas explored in this experiment. An invisible force is also experienced while doing this experiment. What can it be? Are these forces the same forces that allowed Jack Sparrow to walk under water with his head inside a boat? Lets see!



Materials Listinvisible force materials

Paper napkin or tissue

Glass or clear cup

Container to place glass / cup in







1. Water is a slip hazard. If any watrr gets on the ground, it should be cleaned up immediately.

2. If you use glass, an adult should hold the glass as wet glass can be slippery.



Fill the container with water to  level that will allow you to submerge the glass or cup completely. Then place the napkin inside the cup and push down to the bottom. It must not fall or slip when the glass is inverted.



Push the cup or glass into the water, making sure not to tip or tilt it sidwards. You want the air to stay inside the cup. Keeping pushing until the cup / glass is completely submerged and see if the napkin gets wet!



Lift the cup / glass upwards and remove from the water, again not tipping to the side. Take your hand and reove the napkin or tissue to see if any of it is wet. What do you think is going on?



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Check out the ‘Wacky Science’ video of this experiment and ‘What’s Going On’ series link. They are currently ‘In Production’, so check back soon…..


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