Have you eaten worms before? What about a slug or maybe a long stringy bit of green snot? Well you can today only with this fantastic experiment that explore polymers, thickeners and gastronomy.


Materials List

– Sodium alginate powder (seaweed derived thickener)………food grade

– Calcium chloride pellets……….food grade

– Clean / new syringe

– 2 x Clean bowls

– Jelly Crystals




– ALL materials used MUST be clean and food grade to prevent getting sick



Dissolve 5 g of Sodium alginate into 100mL of warm water. We dissolved the power into a large sauce bottle to make making shaking easier. This will take a while to dissolve. Place in the fridge for 5 hours or so.


Make up the Calcium chloride solution b y dissolving 20g into 1L of water. This will be the ‘cross-linking’ solution.

Falvour the alginate solution so it tastes nice. We used Jelly crystals as they have a strong sugar taste. Bubblegum works wonders! Shake well.

Now pour the cross-linking solution onto a bowl and the coloured alginate soltuion into a smaller container. Then Start making your worms.

Suck up the alginate solution into the syringe and then squirt into the cross-linking solution. The worm should form.

Now enjoy your worms and……..down the hatch!

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