Create coloured snow like the red or green snow sometimes seen in the Antarctic snow, although that snow is coloured due to algae growing in the snow. Your coloured snow will be due to food colouring. It teaches you all about polymers that absorb water.

Very festive and can used used to make coloured snow whether it is Christmas, Valantines Day or St Patrick’s Day.

  • coloured-snaow-experiment-materialsBlizzard in a Tube (or our Instant Blizzard Powder)
  • Food Colouring
  • Jug of water
  • Several cups



1. The Instant Blizzard powder is a chemical and not to be eaten. Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

2. Food colouring can stain, so ensure you wear old clothes.


  • coloured-snow-experiment-step-1Use the food colouring to colour a selection of water cups.
  • coloured-snow-experiment-step2Place some instant blizzard powder into another set of cups.
  • coloured-snow-experiment-step3Pour the water (warm water works best) into the cups and watch the snow grow.


Enjoy your colourful SNOW!

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Wacky Science Ep

What's Going On?


This slime is made up of guar gum thickener. Guar gum is a long chain of sugar units called a polymer. Think of it similar to a string of beads, where each bead represents a sugar unit. In guar gum, there are small braches that come of the long chains every two units. The chemical structure of guar gum is shown below.


guar gum structure 1

When you add the Borax solution, it links the chains togather to make a thick ‘gel’. By adding differet coloured paints, you can create different coloured slime.

guar gum structure borax links

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