For long periods of time, little was known about light. In fact, people used to think that colour was white light mixed with different amounts of darkness. Isaac Newton was the famous scientist who showed that white light was actually made up of coloured light.

He used a prism to do this AND also used his famous colour wheel to show how colours could be ‘mixed’ together to make white light.

1) Newtons coloured wheel (printed or painted)

2) Scissors

3) Glue stick and cardboard

4) Sharp pencil

5) Sticky Tape



1) Scissors can cut fingers and skin. Care is needed along with adult supervision.

2) Piercing the hole is also dangerous as you may stick the rod/pencil into your hand. Again care and adult supervision is needed.

1) Print a Newtons Colour wheel on card stock.

2) Stick the coloured wheel onto another coloured card (with glue) to increase its thickness. This will make it last longer and prevent it from bending.




3) Using the scissors, cut the wheel out carefully and place rubbish in the bin.

4) With adult help, carefully pierce the centre of the wheel with the pencil and then place stick-tape on the wheel and pencil (to secure it in place).


Spin the wheel on a table and see if the colour do actually mix together to make white!

Check out the videos below that show you this experiment AND then explain it.

They are currently ‘In Production’, so check back soon…..

Wacky Science Ep

Looney Lab Ep





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