This light show was releaved during Science Week 2015 at

Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery Launceston

……with BIG demonstrations?

Jester coloured shadows, Science Ninja’s, and many more?

The demonstrations in the show are in the typical Crazy Scientist®  style, that is:

– Make them BIG

– Make them theatrical

– Include the audience to the MAXIMUM!


Here is a sneak peak into some of the unique demonstrations and experiences:

  • colouring mixing spot lights with coloured dancing shadows,
  • gigantic rainbows,
  • coloured ninjas 
  • bouncing ‘audience’ photons
  •  Coloured Flame Tornado (room and fire restrictions depending)
  • MASSIVE Earth eclipses
  • Biggest Plasma Globe demonstrations  and
  • Many, many….. MORE!


Note: All demonstration descriptions, methods of presenting, names etc are © copyright property and IP of The Crazy Scientist® as of October 2014. Full details see out copyright page.

This show examines many light concepts such as:ninja waves 1

  • What is light?
  • What are waves and their features?
  • Light waves we can see and waves we can NOT see.
  • Shadows (day / night, umbras, penumbra, eclipses)
  • Coloured Shadows (colour addition & subtraction)
  • How do we detect light and other EM waves?
  • Uses of em waves (radio, UV, IR, visible, X-rays)


The concepts are presented in a highly theatrical manner and use many children from the audience to increase interest and enhance concept descriptions.

We use the BEST equipment around to convey the concepts and make them:

  • BIG
  • High quality and therefore easy to understand

We use high quality light set-ups for colour mixing, colour addition & subtraction ideas coupled with theatrical and innovative instructional methods. The kids will NOT forget the coloured Ninja’s!

tricolour 1 lights


The science of light is explored starting from the basics of shadows. We use BIG materials and audience members to explain shadow science and applications such as umbra, penumbra, eclipses and more. We even talk about other astronomy concepts (day, night, Earth spin, axis of rotation, Summer / winter shadows and how this was used by ancient people to plant crops etc)



We introduce the concept of light being made up of coloured wavelengths of light and linking it to Newton’s experiments. Mixing history stories and using coloured ninja’s really allow the kids to understand how science worked out the mysteries of coloured light.

purple hand light showsm

Bubble light showsm







Coloured Ninja’s help the audience understand light shadows, colour mixing (addition and subtraction)

coloured ninjas1 coloured ninjas2ninja shadows1    jester shadows sm


We have the BIGGEST  Mobile Plasma Globe in Australia.

You donPlasma Globe Light Show1‘t need to go to a museum to touch and experience plasma globes bigger than your head!

We have a massive globe that you can touch, explore and even make fluro bulbs glow without plugging them in!

As usual, we don’t settle for small materials that anyone can buy, we search the world and get the BIGGEST to blow your brain cells away with amazing science that is just ‘Magic’

plasma intro 1 blue plasma tube2







The Plasma Globe is used to explain:

  • How light is made with electricity
  • Plasma (the 4th state of matter)
  • Making light with invisible EM waves
  • Short circuits and more!


The Craziest way to educate kids about how light can be made using electricity, and invisible waves that light bulbs without touching them! 


Our MASSIVE concave mirror (60cm diameter) is used to et the kids interested in our we use light to bounce

light show table3sm(reflect) off surfaces in real life. This mirror makes the kids heads real BIG and helps explain mirror concepts like reflection, focal point, inverted images and more.



We get the crowd INVOLVED!


BIG mirror2smBIG mirror1smLight Show crowd2sm

Reflection, Refraction in Style……..

We use BIG lenses along with our mirrors and the state of the art refraction laser tank to illustrate and discuss the science of:

  • total internal reflection2Magnification and lenses
  • Refraction, total internal reflection
  • Optical fibres
  • Reflection & light houses





ninja lenses ghost brains

In addition we have other surprise demos such as bouncing coloured / flashing photons, glowing reactions and spinning coloured illusions that glow!

Show Cost includes

  • Jam packed 60 min of demonstrations that engage the audience with HIGH participation!
  • A FREE science gift to all audience members
  • A FREE take home experiment sheet to all audience members
  • Worksheets and teachers book (depending on package)

Packages Starting from  $480 1 hr

(inclusive of gifts to a maximum of 60 students, numbers above 60)

  •  Only $9 per student for LOTS of FUN, Learning and a gift to take home.



We have different packages that are designed specifically for different environments (eg OOSH centres, Libraries, Schools, Fairs, Fetes etc).

They can be modified for your needs, audience size, curriculum and space.

We provide teacher info packages and student worksheets for school packages.

For further details regarding costs for your specific needs / organisation, please contact us for a itemised quote.

We have different packages that are designed specifically for different environments (eg OOSH centres, Libraries, Schools, Fairs, Fetes etc). For further details regarding costs for your specific needs / organisation, please contact us for a itemised quote.



  • Dark room or Hall

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