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Workshops for
OOSH ,Vacation Care
and Libraries

Awesome holiday workshops & shows for vacation care services in Sydney, since 2014.  School holiday entertainment that blows the brain cells out of your head! The workshops that go to OOSH centres and vacation centres are FUN, interactive and jam packed full of unique experiences.

Click the links below to be taken to a page for each workshop with more information and videos.

Explores the science of bubbles that are for all ages in a FUN way.

Also get your hands and brains around many concepts in chemistry &


bubble stand.png

BIG fossils to blow your 'Jurassic Brain Cells'.

  • 1m Woolly Mammoth Bone

  • BIG Woolly Rhino horn

  • Sabre tooth tiger skull

dino inspect.png
Airzooka party.jpg

Many experiments to examine the science of pressure:

- Air Cannons

- Chatterbox tubes

and more...

bubble dome.png

It's all about Bubbles :)

Surface tension, colour, solutions and special challenges in a FUN environment of exploration.

Explore several slime types including:

  • Edible slime

  • Flubber slime

  • Vomit Slime

  • Colouring changing


NO cornflour slime here

green slime.jpg

We explore an amazing  wide range of chemical areas in this workshop:

  • Rocket launching

  • Coke Mentos

  • pH Chemistry

  • & More....

mentos3 copy.jpg
chatterbox background.png

Crazy Chatterbox Tubes

Explore these in Pulsating pressure and Super Scientist. 

Taking bookings for 2024

School bookings get a discount if booked before end of term 4 2023.


Book now to secure your spot. 

Shows for your centre

wacky Science Show promo clip

BIG, FUN, interactive & educational

Nitrotastic show primary schools

Crazy BIG LN demonstrations

fire show

Seriously 'hot' Science

Booking Info

60 min duration



  • 4 - 6 tables

  • water & power access

  • parking location close to venue

  • 30 children per class


​​$530 (incl GST)  for 60 minutes or $630 (incl GST) for 90 minutes per workshop.

  •    $10 per child extra cost (up to 40)

Travel fees

For regional centres a travel fee is needed to cover time, petrol tolls etc of $70 per hour (travel time) outside Sydney metro.


Contact Darin


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