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Amazing Kids Science Parties 

"Discover the magic of science with The Crazy Scientist! With 27 years of teaching experience in. classrooms and 11 years doing kids science parties, stage shows for museums and OOSH centres and school shows that amaze and inspire children.

I have gone CRAZY in my materials as I know what engages kids young minds: Bring BIG and fun experiences found no where else:​

  • Put the birthday child and friends inside a GIANT bubble!

  • Include AMAZING hands-on experiments that inspire, educate and are fun.

  • Include take-home materials to continue the exploration, learning & enjoyment of discovery.

  • Explore the past with eyeball exploding experiences such as my Woolly Mammoth bone, Sabre-tooth Tiger skull and more.

CRAZY birthday experiences 

Take a quick look: Here is a small collection of the experiences you will get at a party hosted by The Crazy Scientist.  Below are recent updates to include such as Edible Slime, Rockets, Geobuble explorations and many more!

What experiences do the kids have? 

The kids explore MANY brain-bursting unique experiences as shown below that I have created for my science parties. Dive into a world of wonder with amazing hands-on activities! From explosive chemical reactions to mesmerising physics experiments, ignite curiosity and spark imagination with interactive fun for all ages. Unleash your inner scientist and make unforgettable memories at our extraordinary party!

Gigantic Bubbles

Kids (and adults) love getting inside a giant bubble as well as learning about colours.

Crazy Scientist places birthday child inside a bubblebubble party.png

Woolly Mammoth Bone

Blow the kids eyeballs with BIG fossils like my Woolly mammoth bone or Sabre tooth tiger skull.

Birthday exploration table with woolly mammoth bone
Airzooka during science party

Birthday Air Cannons

All the kids at the party LOVE to explore air pressure with these little cannons!

exploration tables science party

Exploration tables

There are multiple tables of amazing hands on materials to explore from gigantic fossils, specimens, through to cool mini-experiments.

Lava Lamp Reactions

The children explore chemical reactions while making their own test tube lava lamps (to keep)

lava lamnps kids science party

Instant Snow

They also investigate polymers in a FUN way through exploring Instant Snow which they take home.

instant snow kids science party
chatterbox tube kids science party

Science party favourite: 

Chatterbox Tubes by The Crazy Scientist

Imagine 30 kids exploring pressure at your science party with 2m long Chatterbox tubes. A cool site to behold and only found at The Crazy Scientist parties. These are included, but may be purchased to include in your party bag.

science party chatterbox tubes.jpg

Latest Crazy Science Party Experiences