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Amazing activities

for young minds

Preschool Science

Giant bubble & hands on exploration stations

Sparking spark children's natural inquisitiveness through FUN, hands on amazing materials and engaging presentation. 

Kids & Staff get involved

Kids & staff love getting involved to explore nature, physics and chemistry in a FUN way.

preschool science workshop bubble

LARGE fossils

BIG fossils to promote exploration, writing and discussion.

  • 1 m Woolly Mammoth Bone

  • BIG Woolly Rhino horn

  • Sabre tooth tiger skull

preschool science workshop  Dino bone
preschool science workshop explore

Teacher knowledge counts

27 years of experience makes a difference in guiding learning experiences for younger students.

square bubble

Simple = effective

I use special bubble juice to enable exploration of bubbles to create geometric constructions.

Instant snow to explore their tactile senses and promote observations.

colour crazy snow

Chaotic Chemistry

They LOVE manipulations of water and oil when making their lava lamps.

Observations that amaze.

lava lamp preschool science

Customer Feedback..... 

'This was my first time seeing The Crazy Scientist. It was such an informative morning, hands on for the children and staff. Darin did a great job  encouraging all ages to have a turn and get involved'.
Lisa (3-4 preschool room)
Explore & Develop (2023)

Taking bookings for 2024

School bookings get a discount if booked before end of term 4 2023.


Book now to secure your spot. 



  • 4 - 6 tables

  • water & power access

  • parking location close to venue

  • 45 - 60 min duration


     $420 (+GST)

For regional centres a travel fee is needed to cover time and petrol of $70 per hour (travel time) outside Sydney metro.


Contact Darin


Enquire -Preschool Science

Encouraging curious minds


squishy circuits
02:30 PM

Thanks for enquiry. I will get back to you by the end of the day, if not earlier.

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