UV-Radiation Bead Pack


Colour changing beads before your eyes....... like Magic! These beads change colour from off-white to either: purple, blue, orange, red, or yellow. They show you the power of UV-radiation in the sun as the radiation changes the shape of the special dye pigments in the beads. A great way to set up many experiments on: sunscreen, sunglasses, material absorbancy of UV radiation and MORE!


Quick Experiment “Does shade protect you from UV radiation?”

  1. Get some UV-beads and place on TWO plate OR better yet, make a necklace or bracelet with them.
  2. Place some UV-beads in the sun and the other beads in the shade.
  3. Leave for 60 sec and compare if both change colour (indicating the presence of UV radiation)
  4. If both changed colour, are the beads the same intensity of colour?


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