Wild Animal Stamps


Become an Animal Tracker Detective with these wacky science stamps. They are perfect to examine the impressions left behind by the wild animals.

They are double-sided stamps. One side stamps the animal and the opposite side of the stamp stamps its foot impression. Learning animal tracks is the way scientists often learn about an animals; habitat, movement style (walking, hopping, crawls etc) and if they move as an individual or in groups.

Use these great stamps for many activities that promote problems solving. Some suggestions include:
- Wacky Wild Animal 'Matching' Memory Game
- Guess the imprint game
- Walking style

and more!

Age: 7+


Wacky Science Ep

Quick Experiment / Activity Ideas

  • Make ‘Flash’ cards that display animal on one side and impression on other
  • Use the stamp as a base and make a larger drawing using grids
  • Learn another language by learning the animals name in a foreign language
  • For the brave, make a food chain using the animals impressions.

Small Splat


science-homeschool-experiments Our Homeschool Connection Series is designed to provide homeschooling parents the support they need in a VERY specialist area.

The kits are designed by a teacher with 19yrs teaching experience of engaging kids of all ages. They contain many activities that can be used to teach or review essential content around the kit theme. They of course can be used a ‘springboard’ from which further investigations can be used.

They contain a selection of our products (with activity guides) on how they can be used to illustrate the science concepts in that theme. They often explore the science concepts from many learning modalities / learning styles which re-enforce the content.

Our ‘Erie Ecology Homeschool Theme Pack’ is great for teaching many concepts involved in the Biology such as: animal tracks, food webs, leaf identification, insect capers and MORE!


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Elephant, Giraffe, Hippo, Lion, Orangutan, Rhino, Tiger, Zebra


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