• Love the hands-on activities. My kids said it was a nice surprise at a school fete to do FUN science that made them feel like going home and doing more experiments. D.King  
  • Even parents loved the workshops at our fete with The Crazy Scientist. My kids loved it and couldn't stop talking about it. Great Crazy Snow Test Tube as well. It was nice to see the kids having fun while learning 🙂 Adam
  • My children 11 & 9 went to see The Crazy Scientist, they were spellbound, laughed and oohed & arhred. Very entertaining. Not sure who learned more- me or the kids. Lenoie (School Fete Organizer)

Why not getThe Crazy Scientist® to set-up in a classroom to educate and fascinate the kids/parents while making money for your school fete!

Our school fete experiences are just MAGICAL for many reasons:

  • Unique science experiences that are customizable
  • Concepts presented theatrically to engage kids of ALL ages (even adults)
  • Yr 6 helpers can dress-up in coloured lab coats and glasses (supplied)
  • NEW equipment not available in Australia and specifically made for ‘TThe Crazy Scientist®
  • FREE science gift to ALL children attending workshop ($60 value)
  • FREE experiment sheet given to ALL children at workshop
  • 30% Profit from products donated to school

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Types of Experiences

Want a Wacky Science experience that looks at the science of farts, sickening swamp and alien slime, mega chatterbox tubes, gigantic bubbles that you can get inside and MORE?

Then our Looney Lab experience is just the ‘ticket’

Weird and Wacky Demonstrations with participation!

  • We use over 20 possible demonstrations to ensure the kids get a variety of ‘Wacky Science’
  • Some demos include: Flying monkey & pig, Chatterbox challenge, Inside a giant bubble, Human circuit, Fart Science and MORE!




Looney Science Toys Exploration Stations

  • Children examine many unique toys to discover the science behind them.
  • Many areas of science are investigated such as forces, magnetism, static electricity, air vortex rings and MORE.

looney-lab-science-experiment1Looney Lab fete station2


  • The room can be set up to include over 30 hands-on experiments that have enough equipment to cater for 60 kids at once.
  • Even the parents want to join in the FUN…… and often do!

Looney Lab stationsLooney Lab fete station





Make Lava Lamps and the kids get to keep the Test Tubes!

  • make-crazy-lava-lampsSet-up the next room for the kids to make lava lamps with our special ‘Terrific Test Tubes’.
  • They make and then keep the test tubes.
  • Great way to have fun while learning about chemical reactions and solubility.



Alien Slime, Swamp Slime, Vomit Slime and MORE

We set the other adjacent room up for the hands-on slime making. The kids make ONE type of slime and can be chosen from a large variety……. more than the OLD ‘corn flour slime’.



Our Liquid Nitrogen Show is the BEST around and is so   liquid-nitrogen-cool .

Our experience and formal education qualifications tell us that people learn the best when they SEE, HEAR and FEEL new information in a FUN environment.

Unlike other shows around we make them

  • Highly visual using large props, not just verbal information dissemination
  • Memorable with theatrical performance, no mono-tone voice here!
  • Educational with over 20 demonstrations
  • Interactive using multiple audience members
  • FUN by engaging children and adults
  • SAFE, with correct use of LN designed equipment AND safety devices
  • ‘Magical” with grand demonstrations (see below)


Here are some pictures of our LN show at Fetes. They contain similar demonstrations that are in our ‘Niro-Tastic’ LN Show.



LN Kettle1 front

We bring MORE than a few boxes, we bring a trailer LOAD of material!

How to set up!

Our fees are the same for setting up the BEST science experience for Fetes ($390 per show)….. school special. (minimum of two shows a day).

If you have the space requirements, you can fit 60 kids in a workshop and more for a LN show. If each child purchases a ticket for $10, then that is $600 per show you make. ($210 profit to school).

In addition to this, you get 30% of all profits from products sold.

We provide the following:

  • The BEST science hands-on workshops
  • The BEST LN Shows around
  • FREE gifts to ALL kids attending
  • FREE experiment sheet to ALL kids attending
  • A lucky door prize. (worth $10)

Examples of past Fete Plans

1 Day Fete: 2 Shows 

  • Morning & Afternoon Show (60 kids in each… combination of pre-sold & on day tickets)
  • Profit to school: $420 + product sales profits


1 Day Fete: 3 Shows 

  • Morning, Midday & Afternoon Show (60 kids in each… combination of pre-sold & on day tickets)
  • Profit to school: $630 + product sales profits

2 Day Fete: 2 Shows 

  • Morning & Afternoon Show (60 kids in each… combination of pre-sold & on day tickets)
  • Profit to school: $840 + product sales profits


2 Day Fete: 3 Shows

  • Morning, Midday & Afternoon Show (60 kids in each… combination of pre-sold & on day tickets)
  • Profit to school: $1,260 + product sales profits


Note: These figures are based on each session booking 60 students. If less ticket sales occur, then amount of profit will decrease. Product sales would also increase above figures.

How to set up!


To gain maximum profit and enjoyment, TWO adjacent rooms are needed. One room is for the Looney Lab set-up and the second is used for the Slime or Lava lamps.

This ensures MAXIMUM numbers (60) can obtained and therefore maximum profits generated.



Because we bring LOTS of material to ensure the BEST experiences, we need quite a bit of time to set-up (1-2 hours).

Car access near the rooms is also needed to carry the materials.


Extra Features

(1) We believe  in creating a highly VISUAL and ACTIVE environment that is focused around FUN. That is why we:
                     – Make it a theatrical experience
                    -  DO NOT just make the simplest, quickest slime with maximum profit
                    -  DO make highly engaging and unique slime that promotes engagement & learning
                   – Ensure equipment is NEW, unique and imported or created by us to make learning the best it can be
(2) We want to promote the idea that learning science should not only be FUN but also occurs ALL the TIME and not
       just when a presenter is there.  That is why we:
                   – provide EVERY child with a FREE gift to take home and explore
                   – provide EVERY child with a FREE home experiment sheet that allows them
                     to  conduct another experiment at home. This is great to promote learning, to
                     allow discussion the next day and to show parents the learning they have
                     been involved in.

Talk to us today about how we can help you promote ticket sales and make MORE money for your school. Being in education currently and for 19 years means we understand ‘how schools work’. We want to ensure you not only get the MAXIMUM amount of money, but also get the BEST experiences around for your kids, parents and your community.

Booking or Questions

  • Call 0406 729 470 or
  • email bookings@thecrazyscientist.com