The Crazy Scientist Experience

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Explore the slimy world of polymers by making many types of slime.

This workshop really gets the kids involved as they make an edible slime in various flavours.

They learn about monomers, polymers and how adding different chemicals together can change the properties of plastics all while eating worms, slugs and egg slime.

The workshop can be customized by adding the following:

  • Slime Track Challenge (extra charge needed to cover the 20kg of cornflour used)

slime test 1

edible slime workshop

Slime details header2

Make and Eat Slimy Worms, slugs and more!

  • Imagine eating slime worms, slugs, eggs or stringy boogers.
  • Using FOOD GRADE chemicals, the children explore polymers like never before. Get ready for them to SLIDE¦.. down your throat!
  • Highly theatrical and teaching techniques are used to make learning visible.
edible slime wmb2

Open Wide

edible slime wmb1

Long Booger anyone?

Swamp Slime, Vomit, Rancid Slime and Flubber Slime

  • No one else makes slime like The Crazy Scientist®
  • The children can choose to make a variety of slimes such as swamp, vomit, rancid slime or even flubber slime.
  • They learn about how polymers join together to make more complicated chemical structures while making rancid worms, bogus bile juice and more. Everything a Monster wants to eat.
  • The children also investigate how adding different amounts of reactants can affect the composition of the slime.

Rancid Monster Slime

Flubber Slime Investigations

a) Slime Types

  • With notice, we could modify the slime types to also include the following:
    • Electrostatic Slime
    • Glow in the Dark Slime 


b) Slime Track Challenge

  • With notice, we can bring extra materials (20kg of cornflour) to make a slime track
  • The children see how they can use their new knowledge of polymers to walk / run over slime without sinking.
  • This option requires additional charge ($40) to cover the 20kg of cornflour

Slime Track Challenge

Details & Requirements:

  • Cost per workshop which covers:

“ Highest quality FOOD GRADE chemicals for edible slime (value $30)

“ Highest quality chemicals to make snot, vomit, swamp slime (more than just corn flour slime)

“ Theatrical presentation and hands-on exploration by professional teacher

“ FREE experiment sheet to ALL children at workshop (value $15)

“ Preparation and cleaning of coloured lab coats & glasses for ALL children ($40)

  • For the safety of students, maximum learning gain and to accommodate costs for consumables and gifts, extra cost applies (see table below).


  • Price per student*
  • # of children
  • Length
  • # of activities
  • Lab Coats
  • Qualified Teacher
  • Experiment Sheets
  • Gifts to ALL
  • Optional Extras
  • Workshop Cost*


$380 (excl GST)per workshop
  • $12.60
  • 40 max per workshop
  • 1 hour
  • 3 types
  • Optional ($1 per coat)
  • Always
  • Yes
  • Optional ($1 per gift)
  • Crazy Bubble Juice ($1 per student) Edible Slime ($1 per student)
  • * Minimum cost $330 * # >33 is $10 per student



  • Call 0406 729 470 or
  • email

Please note that workshop cost is fixed. Prices in comparison table are based on maximum students for each level.