Slime-Fest Workshop

Eat worm slime

Make Flubber Slime

Get Slimed!

More than the average ..cornflour slime!
Bubble Mania Workshop
& make



Crazy experiments
to explore....

to ALL kids


Super Sleuth Workshop

Fizzing & Foaming

Chemical Reactions



Exploding 'Coke' Mentos

Famous 'Bubble Device'
Kid inside bubble
Horseshoe bubble
FUN and educational
Colour spectrum
Fun fizzics Workshop
Dry ice vortex cannons
Expanding Heads
Pascal Pressure Test



UV bead
test tubes...

Crazy 3D

Fantastic BIG Fossils
Sabre-tooth Tiger
Woolly Mammoth Femur
Biggest range of teeth, claws
REAL shark tooth gifts to take home

Crackpot cures!

Urine Drinking!

brain surgery

Bogus Blood Vial FREE GIFTS
to ALL kids

Crazy Dinosaurs

GIGANTIC fossils

Dino Snot

FREE Real fossil shark tooth to take home!

Claws, teeth, skulls, poo and more!
Workshop Plasma Ball in Australia

Make your own fireworks glasses to take home

Explore crazy light concepts

The Crazy Scientist Experience

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GET  ‘CRAZY‘ and CALL US TODAY!                   0406729470

What is Unique about programs by The Crazy Scientist® ?

  • Unique science experiences that are customisable
  • We have 19 unique and engaging programs and counting!
  • Concepts presented theatrically to engage kids of ALL ages (even adults)
  • Children can dress-up in coloured lab coats
  • NEW equipment not available in Australia and specifically made for ‘The Crazy Scientist®‘
  • FREE experiment sheet given to ALL children at workshop
  • from $10 per child a workshop

       Great……. value in addition to the GREATEST experience around!

Kid Tested girl only

Kid loved boy only

  • Our Crazy Scientist friend has become a wonderful and much anticipated incursion for the children (and secretly the staff) during the last three years.  They have instilled a love for science and exploration within our children. I could not recommend The Crazy Scientist  more highly. Sally-Footsteps OOSH Coordinator
  • 'My favorite part was watching my friend eat slime that she made come out of her nose' John 7yr (Slime Fest)
  • "The best part was watching the clouds being made in the BIG water bottle. I liked seeing them shoot into the air, really fun"   Tori  9yr (Nitro-Tastic)
  • "My favorite bit was making vomit, becuase it was cool and gross" Lucy 10yr  (Mad Medicine)
  • Great way to get kids involved in Science & History. Vomiting stomach..... loved it. Well Done. C.Watts
  • My 11 year old son had a great time at the ËœWeird Science"  Workshop. The Crazy Scientist was an excellent presenter. He had a captivated audience the whole time. He explained the concepts very well and the children enjoyed the wide variety of demonstrations. We would definitely love to do another workshop with The Crazy Scientist. M.Watts

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We are upgrading our workshop pages. Some will take you to the new version, while others will take you to the previous vacation page with information. All information is there, just we want to update them with new pics and videos.

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