Biggest Fossils to ignite the imagination!


Explore a Woolly Mammoth Femur

1 m High Tall

Feel BIG fossilised joints

Make Sedimentary Rock Test Tubes to take HOME!

Place a REAL Shark tooth fossil in them to keep

Giant Woolly Rhino Horn

Will it fit your head?

Make a 'Rhino Moustache'

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What do you get when you mix dinosaur killers and Ice Age Monsters? The BEST prehistoric workshop around!

We have upgraded our workshop by spending $5000 on fantastic real authentic fossils and casts in which you can get up close and use in our hands-on workshop.

We made sure we created the Biggest & Best travelling kids dinosaur workshop around

When we researched what was available in Sydney for Dinosaur Workshops, we found  some BUT wanted to go further.

Check out the comparison table below to see just how MUCH we bring and give you compared to others.

  • Length of workshop

  • Dino Casts

  • Info Plates

  • Dinosaur Skeleton Heads

  • BIG Fossils

  • Ice Age Fossils

  • Claws

  • Teeth

  • Other Fossils

  • Problem Solving Activities

  • Digging Dinosaurs

  • Dino Snot

  • Dress-up opportunities

  • Take Home Fossil

  • Experiment Sheet

  • Young Paleontologists

  • Simulating Fossilisation Process

  • Overall Material Volume

  • 1 hour

  • 16 Casts & Hand Lenses

  • HD detailed coloured plates for ALL fossils

  • 6 x Skeletons

  • 1 m Woolly Mammoth Femur
    Sabre-tooth Skull
    1m Woolly Rhino horn

  • 1 m Woolly Mammoth Femur
    Sabre-tooth Skull
    1m Woolly Rhino horn
    Sloth Claw
    Mammoth Hair & Bone
    Cave Bear Tooth
    Glyptodon scute plates

  • 5 BIG claws

  • 9 Teeth

  • Dino footprint
    2 x Hadrosaur skin fossils
    Glyptodont plates
    Dino Poo
    Super-Croc Tooth
    Woolly Mammoth Bone

  • Mini-Dino head classification
    Pre-historic Head ClassificationMatch-up exercises
    Measuring activities
    Shark fossil teeth classification

  • Multiple Dino-head Challenge
    Find & classifiy Skeletons (10)
    Reconstruction Skeletons
    Kinetic Sand used to minimise mess

  • Transparent Sticky Dino Snot

  • Coloured Lab Coats
    Paleontologist Hats

  • TWO authentic shark tooth fossils in a plastic test tube

  • Various take home sheets

  • A4 sized detailed rubbing plates
    Multiple dinosaur playdough molds
    Kinetic Sand for kinesthetic learners
    Dino Stamps to match foot prints

  • Rock Strata Test Tubes with REAL fossil shark tooth (hands-on activity)

  • TEN boxes (fossils & materials) PLUS TWO large fossils

  • 1 hour

  • 8 Casts & NO Hand Lenses

  • small BW plates for SOME fossils

  • 1 Skeleton

  • NONE

  • Woolly Mammoth hair

  • 1 Claw

  • 2 teeth

  • Dino footprint
    1 x Hadrosaur skin fossil

  • NONE

  • Brush sand off 3 types of plaster fossil

  • Old cornflour slime

  • NONE

  • sticky playdough in a fossil shape

  • NONE

  • A4 sized basic rubbing plates
    Animatronic dinosaur

  • Toy to look at (no hands-on activities)

  • THREE boxes and toy dinosaur

dino details egg divider

Terrifying Killers and their Prey

We start our exploration into the Crazy Dinosaur workshop by examining some really BIG fossils. We have the biggest fossils around that really blow the kids away such as:

Sabre-Tooth Tiger

REAL life sized skull of the Sabre Tooth Tiger (Smilodon fatalis) fossil. Place your head next to it and even your arm inside its jaws and learn about how this magnificent creature caught its prey and used its adaptations (teeth, skull structure and body musculature) to take down large prey.

Smilodon teeth examine blur

Life -sized Woolly Mammoth Femur

You will learn about the Woolly Mammoth and similar sized extinct animals and stand next to our GIGANTIC fossil femur. This will really educate young minds on how BIG these creatures were!

vacation care-9















Woolly Rhino Horn

Our unique 1m Ice Age Woolly Rhino Horn is amazing. This gigantic horn shows just how BIG this Rhino was and that it used it to defend from BIG predators.

Rhino moustacheWM









The Great Dino-Skull Table

We provide a dedicated table for the exploration of SIX skulls all with hand lenses. Each dino skull comes with a detailed coloured HD info plate containing information the kids can understand. We also encourage older students to use the rulers to measure skull features and use the scale provided to calculate how BUG they were.

dino skeleton skulls 1dino skullsmeasure skull2WM

Info Plates that enhance learning

Kids need concrete visual and meaningful information with new information. Our plates contain the following features which enable all children to maximise their learning:

  •  coloured pictures of the dinosaur,
  • visual scale comparisons
  • essential information at a language appropriate level.
  • some have measuring activities to challenge inquiring minds

Camarasaurus plate onlineSmilodon tooth plate online

Hands-on Dino Cast Table

This table explores various plaster cast fossils that illustrate whole body fossils each with HD coloured plates. There are 16 fossils at this table with hand lenses to explore which is enough for the biggest group of budding paleontologist.

dino plates 1dino dig table

Mini-Dino Head Challenge Table

At this table, the children do more than just look or read. They explore the connections between skull structure, adaptations, food type and more through digging and classifying the fossil skulls into categories. They learn and investigate all while being active and exploring scientific concepts and with no mess, as we use Kinetic-Sand. (kids love that experience in itself!)  

kinetic sand dino skullsWMDino heads1

We have recently added another Kinetic-Sand exploration table called “Prehistoric Skulls. This activity is the same as the Mini-dino Head Challenge table BUT they unearth many types of  extinct beast skulls such as Giant Killer Pig, Woolly Rhino, and many more.

This is the way  The Crazy Scientist® does things.

Prehistoric Skulls

For the really small dino-hunters (pre-schoolers) we had added several different Dino types that they make 3D moulds using kinetic sand AND coloured play-dough. Highly kinaesthetic (hands-on learning) and FUN! They explore types of dinosaurs, herding behaviour and stability of walking.

playdough dinos2

playdough dinos

Tooth / Claw match-up table

This table is like no other! In the usual Crazy Scientist style, hands-on learning meets highly engaging materials and FUN. This table has a massive amount of teeth and claws to examine and classify.

The children examine the fossilised teeth and claws and find their Dino Partner Card (again with HD coloured info). They learn about structure and function of claws and teeth, types of eaters (herbivores, carnivores, piscivores and MORE).

Not only do we have fantastic Dino Teeth and claws, but also other GREAT BEASTS such as:

  •  Sabre Tooth Tiger canine tooth
  • Megalodon Tooth (Biggest available)……. compare it to a real Great White Shark tooth!
  • Super-Croc Tooth
  • Ground Sloth Claw
  • Spinosaurus Tooth
  • Megaraptor Claw

and many, many MORE!

Megaraptor Claw examineWMCrazy Tooth table

Fossil Types Table

There are many types of fossils, even though most children think of fossil skeletons. It is at this table they explore the various types of fossils such as:

  •  Skin (we have two types of skin fossils)
  •  Hair (Real fossilised hair)

dino poo

  • Bone (Real fossilised Mammoth bone)
  •  Impressions (we have skin, footprints and plates)
  •  Dino Poo!
  •  Eggs
  • Glyptodon Scute plates

and MORE!

The Lot Shark Teeth on the white backround












Like all of the workshops run by The Crazy Scientist® , children get to take a FREE gift home that keeps them learning and being amazed by the wacky world of science.

Every child (6yr or older) get TWO REAL shark fossilised teeth to take home in a fantastic plastic test tube. We don’t give the children a pretend fossil that may rot away. (play-dough or similar), but a fossil that has lasted 5 million years and will last for many more years to come.

Depending on the location (you may find making Dino Snot is too messy for your caret), then we combine FUN learning with a dinosaur twist. We make Rock Strata Test Tubes in which we place your REAL shark tooth fossil. A great way to explore the fossilisation process while having FUN at the same time.

shark tooth 2WMfossil shark teeth gift1dino skull 3 background


Details & Requirements:

  • 7 x trestle tables
  • Easy access for car
  • 40min set-up and 40min pack-up
  • Workshop which covers:
  •  Theatrical presentation and hands-on exploration by professional teacher
  •  High quality chemicals to make Dino Snot
  • Present (Authentic Shark tooth 60 m.yr old fossil) provided to  ALL children at workshop ($80 value)
  • FREE experiment sheet to ALL children at workshop (value $15)
  • Preparation and cleaning of coloured lab coats & glasses for ALL children ($40)
  • For the safety of students, maximum learning gain and to accommodate costs for consumables and gifts, extra cost per student (dependent on level).


  • Price per student*
  • # of children
  • Length
  • # of activities
  • Lab Coats
  • Qualified Teacher
  • Experiment Sheets
  • Gifts to ALL
  • Optional Extras
  • Workshop Cost*


$380 (excl GST)per workshop
  • $12.60
  • 40 max per workshop
  • 1 hour
  • 3 types
  • Optional ($1 per coat)
  • Always
  • Yes
  • Optional ($1 per gift)
  • Crazy Bubble Juice ($1 per student) Edible Slime ($1 per student)
  • * Minimum cost $330 * # >33 is $10 per student


  • Call 0406 729 470 or
  • email  bookings@thecrazyscientist.com

Please note that workshop cost is fixed. Cost per student based on level maximum

Sand dig 1WM