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“Our Robotics programs will teach your children about electricity, electronics, programming and robotics in a fun and engaging way”

Our Mini-Bot ROBOTICS workshops:Edison robot

  • 30 ROBOTS….. enough for 1 robot each in a FULL workshop
  • Focus around S.T.E.M principles
  • Can be used ‘out of the box’ with preschool – K levels with our ‘Mini-Bot programs’
  • Combined with our Squishy Circuits workshops to make learning electricity & robotics FUN and unique.
  • Program them with an iPAD or computer and control them with sound, light or a TV remote!

robot Aus curic header


(ACSSU005) The way objects move depends on a variety of factors, including their size and shape

(ACSIS011) Participate in guided investigations and make observations using the senses

(ACSIS012) Share observations and ideas

Year 1

(ACSSU020) Light and sound are produced by a range of sources and can be sensed

(ACSIS024) Pose and respond to questions, and make predictions about familiar objects and events

(ACSIS213) Compare observations with those of others

Year 2

(ACSSU033) A push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape

(ACSIS037) Pose and respond to questions, and make predictions about familiar objects and events

(ACSIS041) Compare observations with those of others

This workshop introducing the children to electricity and robotics through easy to learn materials. we create human circuits with the kids to show them how electricity travels in circuits and that this is what powers the robots.

robot human circuit 2 robot human circuits3

We then explore how robots ‘follow orders’. Programs that tell the robot what to do which are easily explored through scanning bar codes. The many types of explorations the kids include:

Follow a Line

  • Using light and sensors to follow predetermined lines AND lines made by the children. 















Follow light and Clap Control

  • Use the robots sound sensor to make it respond to sound & even make your robot make sounds with its buzzer.
  • Use the provided torch to make your robot follow you.

clapp control light1

Robot Wars

Use the BIG robot war sheets to make your robots follow the ‘Sumo Program’ which makes the robot seek out and fight other robots. The first one pushed out of the circle is the loser.

robotics sumo-2 robotics sumo








robot wars mat

Details & Requirements:

  • 1 x trestle table & large floor space
  • Easy access for car
  • 40min set-up and 40min pack-up
  • Workshop which covers:

– Theatrical presentation and hands-on exploration by professional teacher

– Up to 30 robots per workshop

– FREE experiment sheet to ALL children at workshop (value $15)

– Preparation and cleaning of coloured lab coats & glasses for ALL children (value $40)

For the safety of students, maximum learning gain and to accommodate costs for consumables and gifts, extra cost applies (see table below). 


  • Price per student*
  • # of children
  • Length
  • # of activities
  • Lab Coats
  • Qualified Teacher
  • Experiment Sheets
  • Gifts to ALL
  • Optional Extras
  • Workshop Cost*


$380 (excl GST)per workshop
  • $12.60
  • 40 max per workshop
  • 1 hour
  • 3 types
  • Optional ($1 per coat)
  • Always
  • Yes
  • Optional ($1 per gift)
  • Crazy Bubble Juice ($1 per student) Edible Slime ($1 per student)
  • * Minimum cost $330 * # >33 is $10 per student


  • Call 0406 729 470 or
  • email

Please note that workshop cost is fixed. Per student price based on level maximum numbers