Wacky Water Workshop

Take your own "Jelly Fish: toy home!"

Explore Vortex Power

Who will win?

Use your science knowledge...

Create colourful vortex cyclones

The Crazy Scientist Experience

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Explore the wonders of vortex power, buoyancy air pressure, surface tension and more with this very hands on science workshop.

The workshop is a highlight of OOSH and vacation centres as the kids take home their very own “Jelly Fish” science toy worth $3 each!

FUN learning at a great price.


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Make Coloured Vortex tubes

  • Vortex tubes are made in various colours and the children explore air pressure, Newton’s Law and fluid movement.
  • They explore various aspects of water flow by adding many ingredients to the vortex tube.


Water Bottle Race!

  • No one else makes a learning opportunity FUN  like The Crazy Scientist®
  • The children learn about air pressure and the power of vortices in this highly engaging activity.
  • Race your friend and see who can use the power of science to empty their bottle first.


  • The children explore buoyancy and force while making their amazing Jelly Fish diver.
  • In fact, they get to take this jelly fish home (worth $3)

jelly fish 2

Extra Experiences (Time Permitting)

a) Water Bagwater bag

  • The kids explore the connection between water pressure and polymers with this FUN activity.





b) Will it explode?

  • Will the balloon explode?Water Bag-2sm
  • The children explore how well water absorbs energy. They learn about heat transfer and energy.

Details & Requirements:

  • Workshop length variable dependant on level chosen.
  • Cost per workshop which covers:

– Theatrical presentation and hands-on exploration by professional teacher

– FREE experiment sheet to ALL children at workshop (value $15)

– Preparation and cleaning of coloured lab coats & glasses for ALL children ($40)

Jelly Fish gift to ALL children ($90)

  • For the safety of students, maximum learning gain and to accommodate costs for consumables and gifts, extra cost applies (see table below). 


  • Price per student*
  • # of children
  • Length
  • # of activities
  • Lab Coats
  • Qualified Teacher
  • Experiment Sheets
  • Gifts to ALL
  • Optional Extras
  • Workshop Cost*


$380 (excl GST)per workshop
  • $12.60
  • 40 max per workshop
  • 1 hour
  • 3 types
  • Optional ($1 per coat)
  • Always
  • Yes
  • Optional ($1 per gift)
  • Crazy Bubble Juice ($1 per student) Edible Slime ($1 per student)
  • * Minimum cost $330 * # >33 is $10 per student



  • Call 0406 729 470 or
  • email  bookings@thecrazyscientist.com

Please note that workshop cost is fixed. Prices in comparison table are based on maximum students for each level.