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What do you get when you mix:

  • the BIGGEST mobile Plasma globe
  • Van de Graaff madness (flying snake, attacking UFO’s, killer squid, Jedi power tissues and Afro-hair)
  • Play-dough electric circuits
  • Flying metal stars, screaming human circuits and many, many more!

“Answer: the best learning experiences that teach electricity concepts around.”


shocking electricity details of workshop header

Sensational Static!

  • We use amazing science equipment to teach the children the difference between static and current electricity.
  • We create mini-lightning using 400,000 V with our BIG shiny sparky machine (Van der Graaff)
  • Repulsive forces are explained through our highly engaging demonstrations performed in the usual “Crazy” style such as the electric snake, killer octopus, flying UFOs and more!
  • Highly interactive demonstrations with the biggest equipment around.
shocking electricity flying star2

Static Flying Stars

Attack of the Electric Octopus

Attack of the Electric Octopus










  • This children explore further through our mini-challenges.
  • Static force challenge gets the kids up and seeing if they can make hair dance, balloons stick to the wall and more.
  • They also have a levitation challenge, who can use the power of static to make our flying stars levitate the longest.
  • Test the power of your predictions and learn the connection between electricity and magnetism in our ‘Magic Tube Challenge’
  • Not to mention, our human circuit challenge. Can you create a human series circuit to make our energy stick work? 

Mini-Static Challenge

Magic Tubes

Magic Tubes

human circuit

Human Circuits







Unleash your Imagination with ‘Play-dough Circuits’

  • Create amazing circuits with our ‘Squishy Circuits’ using play-dough
  • Learn about conductors, insulators, series and parallel circuits all while having amazing FUN creating unique circuits and constructions.
  • You can even create your circuits with buzzers and motors.
Team circuit construction

Team circuit construction

shocking electricity workshop squishy circuits-9

Christmas colours with circuits

robotics and circuits-6

Parallel circuits

robot details of workshop header2


  • Workshop length variable dependant on level chosen.
  • For the safety of students, maximum learning gain and to accommodate costs for consumables and gifts, extra cost applies (see table below).


  • Price per student*
  • # of children
  • Length
  • # of activities
  • Lab Coats
  • Qualified Teacher
  • Experiment Sheets
  • Gifts to ALL
  • Optional Extras
  • Workshop Cost*


$380 (excl GST)per workshop
  • $12.60
  • 40 max per workshop
  • 1 hour
  • 3 types
  • Optional ($1 per coat)
  • Always
  • Yes
  • Optional ($1 per gift)
  • Crazy Bubble Juice ($1 per student) Edible Slime ($1 per student)
  • * Minimum cost $330 * # >33 is $10 per student


  • Call 0406 729 470 or
  • email

Please note that workshop cost is fixed. Prices in comparison table are based on maximum students for each level.