Want a Wacky Science Show like no other?

Explore flying monkeys, gigantic bubbles, fireballs, exploding Liquid Nitrogen and much more..!

Our experience, formal teaching qualifications and 22 years in education tell us that people learn their best when they SEE, HEAR and FEEL new information in a FUN environment.

Unlike other shows around we make them:

Highly visual with large props (not just verbal information dissemination)

Memorable with a theatrical performance (no mono-tone voice here!)

Educational (with over 20 demonstrations)

Interactive (using many audience members)

FUN (by engaging children and adults)

‘Magical’ ……. with grand demonstrations that mystify and amaze!


Weird and Wacky Demonstrations with participation!

We use over 20 possible demonstrations to ensure your kids get a variety of  ‘Wacky Science’  that not only engages their mind BUT also teaches them weird science!

Some demos include:


Science concepts

Flying monkey 

Launch angle, elastic potential energy, projectile motion

Chatterbox challenge 

Air pressure Bernoulli principle, Newtons Law, Lung Capacity, Pascal Pressure

Giant Bubble Device

Light diffractions, colours, science of bubbles, surface tension

Exploding Liquid Nitrogen

State changes

BIG Rocket

Newton’s 3rd Law

Flying Vortex rings

Fluid science, vortex rings, pressure, volcanoes,
And many , many MORE

Examine why you should chose ‘The Crazy Scientist®

We don’t just show FANTASTIC demos, we also include kids from the audience to:

make it even more special

increase engagement

improve learning


Show Cost includes

  • Jam packed 60 min of demonstrations that engage the audience with HIGH participation.

Packages Starting from  $550 1 hr (+ GST)

(up to audience size 60 students, numbers above 60 incur an extra charge)



  • Presentation Pack (small audience size up to 60)
  • Show Pack (medium audience up to 150)
  • Event Pack (large audiences 150 to 300)
  • Gala Pack (Theatre size audiences over 300)

We have different packages that are designed specifically for different environments (eg OOSH centres, Libraries, Schools, Fairs, Fetes, RSL clubs etc).

They can be modified for your needs, audience size, curriculum and space.

For further details regarding costs for your specific needs / organisation, please contact us for a itemised quote.


Call 0406 729 470



email bookings@thecrazyscientist.com