Overview of our e-Learning 360 Concept

Experience the high-energy, creative presentation style that has enabled ‘The Crazy Scientist®‘ to spread the LOVE of science to kids and adults alike throughout schools, vacation centres, corporate events and more.

Learn how to make science FUN while simultaneously creating learning experiences that combine learning & laughter.


Our NEW series starting in 2015, provides you with the materials you need to improve YOUR skills and confidence in teaching science concepts in highly engaging ways that are tried & tested. They are designed to WORK every time and allow you as a professional teacher to expand on your current skill sets and become a competent theatrical science facilitator in your classroom that get the kids engaged, asking MORE questions and providing real world links that are meaningful.

–  We believe that you should be able to learn 24/7 or……. 360 as we call it.

–  Why spend time in meetings or watching video conferences when you can learn, practice NEW skills anywhere and anytime you choose?

–  We provide you with flexible HIGH QUALITY series, that enable you to improve your classroom integration of science concepts OR create stimulating Science Club experiences with style.

–  Get more than a person explaining how to do something. Get HD video of experiments, explanations of the science behind them, worksheets, links to curriculum outcomes and MORE.

– Teaching is getting busier by the second. New curriculum, greater compliance expectations etc mean you need science activities that work NOW. We show you how!

Click on the tabs and pictures below to learn more and get ‘Crazy’ with the BEST science content that will make you an awesome teacher that creates amazing science learning experiences that are authentic, meaningful and link to the curriculum while promoting scientific inquiry.

Series Overview

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