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Wacky Science


Big Show = BIG Demonstrations

The Wacky Science Show delivers educational FUN using humor and gigantic interactive demonstrations in a theatrical manner. Children and adults alike see over 20 demonstrations on many concepts with high audience participation. 

Flying monkeys, expanding heads, fart science, exploding toothpaste and flying toilet paper are just some of the incredible activities that engage the audience. 

Get inside a giant bubble to explore light dispersion and surface tension or control the power of explosions when firing film canisters through the air. 

rocket show copy.jpg


  • forces,

  • light dispersion,

  • space vacuum,

  • colour-mixing,

  • Newton’s Laws, 

  • Pressure,

  • Sound waves,

  • EM waves, 

  • Rotational motion and 

               & more... 

LN cloud.jpg


  • State changes

  • Physics & Chemical changes

  • Explosions / combustion

  • Polymers

  • Magical colour changing chemicals

               & more... 

Crazy Liquid Nitrogen Demonstrations:

·Brace yourselves for mind-blowing experiments involving liquid nitrogen! Watch as everyday objects transform before your eyes, shattering, floating, or even producing billowing clouds of vapor. These demonstrations will showcase the extreme properties of liquid nitrogen while captivating students with their sheer spectacle.

sabre tooth skull preschool science show.png

Encounter Ancient Wonders....

  • Witness awe-inspiring artefacts such as:

           - 1 m long Woolly Mammoth bone

           - life-sized Sabre-tooth Tiger skull that 

              students can stick their head inside.

          - 1 m long Woolly Rhino horn

Short Video montage the of the show 

Being a teacher, I can make it link to ANYTHING. The key here to student learning (as always) is to make it BIG, make it FUN and mix in material so they don't realise they are learning. Video below is from a LARGE auditorium show.

Below is a short selection of some of the demonstrations that you get in the show. Over time I add more and use different materials but one thing is constant:

Use BIG materials, LOTS of LN and get kids involved!

Different sizes

This show can cater for smaller 1 class audiences, multi-level year groups for large auditorium halls and performance spaces.  It has been performed for OOSH centres, museums, library spaces, entertainment centres and school year groups. 

Taking bookings for 2024

Book now to secure your spot. 

Bookings Information

  • Jam packed 60 min of demonstrations that engage the audience with HIGH participation!

  • Worksheets and teachers book (depending on package)

  • We have different packages that are designed specifically for different environments (eg OOSH centres, Libraries, Schools, Fairs, Fetes, RSL clubs etc).

  • They can be modified for your needs, audience size, curriculum and space.

  • For further details regarding costs for your specific needs / organisation, please contact us for a itemised quote.


  • Good ventilation

  • 45 min set up & pack down times

  • Water access

  • Fire demonstrations needs the fire alarm system isolated.


  • Suitable from K through to Yr12 Physics

  • Audience max size

       (60 students)

  • Larger Audience

       (enquire for customisation)​

  • Audience participation 100% expected!

Costs & Contact

  • Depending on audience size & materials used.

  • OOSH & Vac Care (modified)

            - $745 (+GST)​ 

  • Clubs

           - $850  (+GST)

  • Schools

           - $9 per student with                              min $1000 (+GST)


email interest with details & specific requests or questions to


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