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Wacky Science


Hold onto your hats and buckle up, because Wacky Science is about to take you on a mind-blowing adventure like no other! Welcome to the ultimate fusion of entertainment and education, where curiosity ignites and imagination soars through astonishing experiments and spectacular demonstrations.


Get ready to be dazzled, amazed, and thoroughly entertained as we delve into the fascinating world of science. Witness the laws of nature being bent, twisted, and turned upside down for your enjoyment. Join us on this electrifying journey where learning meets excitement, and prepare to have your perceptions shattered and your minds blown wide open!


This revised description maintains the excitement and enthusiasm of the original while providing a clearer and more engaging overview of what the show entails.

Auditorium Show

Behind the Scenes

Customised to cater for 
your size & needs.

  • Aligned to syllabus content


  • Customise to your current theme/content


  • Being a teacher, adjusted to stage levels


rocket show copy.jpg


Get ready to be part of the action like never before as Wacky Science brings you an electrifying array of physics demonstrations that will have you jumping out of your seats with excitement! From launching rockets to creating mesmerising vortex rings, our show takes audience participation to a whole new level.

Feel the thrill of controlling the trajectory of a flying object, experience the power of gravity firsthand, and witness the magic of physics come to life right before your eyes

  • forces,

  • light dispersion,

  • space vacuum,

  • colour-mixing,

  • Newton’s Laws, 

  • Pressure,

  • Sound waves,

  • EM waves, 

  • Rotational motion and 

               & more... 

Interactive learning!

LN cloud.jpg


Get ready to unleash your inner chemist and dive into a world of bubbling potions, colorful reactions, and explosive fun with Wacky Science! But here's the best part – you don't just watch the magic happen, you get to be a part of it! Grab your safety goggles and get ready to roll up your sleeves as we invite you to step into the lab and become a real-life chemist for a day.

  • State changes

  • Physics & Chemical changes

  • Explosions/combustion

  • Polymers

  • Magical colour-changing chemicals

               & more... 

Crazy Liquid Nitrogen Demonstrations:

sabre tooth skull preschool science show.png

Encounter Ancient Wonders....

Welcome to a prehistoric adventure like no other, where the past comes roaring back to life with Wacky Science! Prepare to be transported into the past as we unveil the incredible world of fossils, Woolly Mammoth bone, and saber-toothed tigers.

Get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures as we showcase rare fossils and artifacts that will leave you in awe of the earth's rich history. But that's not all – we're not just here to marvel at the past, we're here to bring it back to life! Join us as we explore the science of paleontology, uncovering the secrets of these long-extinct beasts and shedding light on their fascinating lives. So, grab your explorer's hat and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through time with Wacky Science!

  • Witness awe-inspiring artefacts such as:

           - 1 m long Woolly Mammoth bone

           - life-sized Sabre-tooth Tiger skull that 

              students can stick their head inside.

          - 1 m long Woolly Rhino horn

Being a teacher, I can make it link to ANYTHING. The key here to student learning (as always) is to make it BIG, make it FUN and mix in material so they don't realise they are learning. Video below is from a LARGE auditorium show.

Below is a short selection of some of the demonstrations that you get in the show. Over time I add more and use different materials but one thing is constant:

Use BIG materials, LOTS of LN and get kids involved!

Taking bookings for 2025

Book now to secure your spot. 

Bookings Information

  • Jam packed 60 min of demonstrations that engage the audience with HIGH participation!

  • Worksheets and teacher's book (depending on package)

  • We have different packages that are designed specifically for different environments (eg OOSH centres, Libraries, Schools, Fairs, Fetes, RSL clubs etc).

  • They can be modified for your needs, audience size, curriculum and space.

  • For further details regarding costs for your specific needs/organisation, please contact us for an itemised quote.


  • Good ventilation

  • 60 min set up & pack down times

  • Water access

  • Fire demonstrations needs the fire alarm system isolated.

Each venue type has slightly different set up arrangements and timing.

Please discuss when booking.


  • Suitable from K through to Yr12 Physics

  • Audience max size

       (60 - 100 students)

  • Larger Audience

       (enquire for customisation)​

  • Audience participation 100% expected!

Teacher Support


Primary school teachers get a teacher resource pack containing digital resources, product samples and a mystery surprise!

Costs & Contact

  • Depending on audience size & materials used.

  • OOSH & Vac Care (modified)

            - $745 min (+GST)​ 

            - $10 per child

  • Clubs

           - $895 min  (+GST)

           - $15 per child

  • Schools

           - $1,200 min (+GST)

           - from $10 per student

          - larger audience sizes

            (customisation for larger 


email interest with details & specific requests or questions to


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