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Nitrotastic liquid nitrogen show



Big Show = BIG Demonstrations

Unlike other shows around we make them:

  • Highly visual with large props (not just verbal information dissemination)

  • Memorable with a theatrical performance (no mono-tone voice here!)

  • Educational (with over 20 demonstrations)

  • Interactive (using many audience members)

  • FUN (by engaging children and adults)

We use 3X MORE LN than other shows to do BIGGER demonstrations & MORE experiments.

liquid nitrogen show fire


27 years in education tells us that people learn their best when they SEE, HEAR and FEEL new information in a FUN environment.

Some of what you will see...

Short Video montage of some LN Shows

Being a teacher, I can make it link to ANYTHING. The key here to student learning (as always) is to make it BIG, make it FUN and mix in material so they don't realise they are learning.

Below is a short selection of some of the demonstrations that you get in the show. Over time I add more and use different materials but one thing is constant:

Use BIG materials, LOTS of LN and get kids involved!

Taking bookings for 2024

School bookings get a discount if booked before end of term 4 2023.


Book now to secure your spot. 

Bookings Information

  • Jam packed 60 min of demonstrations that engage the audience with HIGH participation!

  • A FREE take home experiment sheet to all audience members

  • Worksheets and teachers book (depending on package)

  • We have different packages that are designed specifically for different environments (eg OOSH centres, Libraries, Schools, Fairs, Fetes, RSL clubs etc).

  • They can be modified for your needs, audience size, curriculum and space.

  • For further details regarding costs for your specific needs / organisation, please contact us for a itemised quote.


  • Good ventilation

  • 45 min set up & pack down times

  • Water access


  • Suitable from K through to Yr12 Physics

  • Size audience up to 60

  • No chairs needed

  • Audience participation encouraged.

Costs & Contact

  • $650 (+GST) for 60 min show

email interest with details & specific requests to Darin

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