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Science Party Venue Ideas

Top Science Party Venue Ideas to Ignite Curiosity and Fun!

When planning a science kid's party, one of the crucial decisions to make is choosing the perfect venue for the event. The venue sets the stage for the entire party experience, playing a significant role in creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for young party guests.


Over the years, I have done parties in all these locations, some of which may be an option for your party.

Venue Options


Home Science Party













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1. Home Science Party

At home science kids party.jpg

This option is frequently employed as the primary choice for hosting science kids' parties.


Hosting your science kids' party at home presents several advantages that can enhance the overall experience for both young party guests and their parents:

        1. Comfortable Environment:

                                                           - Conducting the party in the familiar setting of your home provides a comfortable and relaxed       

                                                              atmosphere for children to participate in hands-on science activities. This is especially true for younger 

                                                              children who often get overwhelmed.

      2. Flexibility and Personalisation:  

                                                            - Hosting the party at home allows for greater flexibility in customising decorations, activities, and

                                                              schedule to align with the interests of the young attendees. It also allows for modifications in timing to                                                                          occur if you need to change the time of your party, have late arrivals or just simply want to have more 

                                                               time exploring the science magic.

      3. Cost-Effectiveness:                 

                                                                  - Organising the party at home can be more budget-friendly compared to renting a venue, enabling 

                                                            you to allocate savings towards enhancing the party experience with special science-themed


                                                          - Often, parents get a few science-specific party bag fillers from my store. This adds to the other             

                                                            materials they make and take home during the party. Any products bought are distributed to you when I

                                                            arrive 60 min before the party.















     4. Convenience:

                                                                 - Running the party at home offers convenience in terms of setup, access to facilities, and ease of 

                                                            coordination, making the planning process smoother and more manageable.

    5. Intimate Setting:

                                                                 - The intimate setting of a home party fosters closer interactions and engagement among guests, creating

                                                           a warm and welcoming environment for learning and exploration.

By opting to host a science kids' party at home, you can create a memorable and educational experience that sparks curiosity and creativity in young minds while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of your own space.


Book now for an educational and fun-filled science extravaganza by filling out the part form with your details and I will lock it in.


1. Home Science Party

2. Local Hall

Kids party venue - Local Hall

Hire a local Hall for your child's science party

When it comes to hosting kids' science parties, utilising a local hall offers numerous advantages that can enhance the event experience for both young attendees and organisers. Here are the key benefits of using a local hall for kids science parties:

      1. Ample Space:

                                     - Your home may not be large enough to cater for BIG science parties. Even though The Crazy Scientist can   

                                      host parties over 30 children, your home may not be up to the task (especially when parents stay)

                                     - Local halls provide spacious areas that can accommodate various science experiments and hands-on activities, 

                                      allowing children to engage in interactive learning effectively.

      2. Convenient Facilities:

                                    - These venues often come equipped with essential amenities like tables, chairs, audio-visual equipment and parking

                                      options making it convenient to set up and organise the party efficiently.

      3. Kitchen Facilities

                                     - Many local halls offer kitchen facilities for food preparation and storage, simplifying catering arrangements for the

                                      event and ensuring a seamless dining experience.

     4. Central Location:

                                      - The central location of local halls makes them easily accessible to guests, providing convenience for attendees 

                                      and their families to reach the party venue without hassle.

      5. Mess Protection:

                                      - Maybe, you like the idea of minimising any mess at your home! Then doing the activities etc at a local hall allows

                                        you to keep your home nice and tidy! 

Finding a Hall near you


Council Halls - contact your local council for availability and cost.


Scout Halls - Use the link on the left to find a scout hall near you.


By choosing a local hall as the venue for kids' science parties, you can create an engaging and memorable experience that fosters creativity, learning, and enjoyment among young party guests. Halls usually require advanced booking, so get in early to secure your date. They ask for a Public Liability Certificate. Please ask me to send you a copy when you book your party.

3. Function Centres

Party venures - Function centres

Hire a local Hall for your child's science party

Science kids parties function centres.jpg

Hosting a kids science party at a function center offers a range of advantages that can enhance the overall experience for young party attendees and organisers. Here are the key benefits of using function centres for science kids parties:

      1. Spacious Environment:

                                     - Function centers typically provide ample space to accommodate various science experiments and hands-on

                                        activities for VERY Large parties.

                                     - Some parties may want to have separate space for DJ's. Climbing gym, my Science tables for the interactive

                                      science experiments, tables and chairs for sitting down to eat, climbing frames etc. 

      2. Professional Amenities:

                                    - These venues often come equipped with professional amenities such as projectors, screens, sound systems, and

                                       lighting, enhancing the overall presentation and engagement of science activities during the party.
      3. Catering Services

                                     - Function centres may offer catering services or have partnerships with catering companies, making it convenient                                           to arrange food and refreshments for the event without additional hassle.

By opting for a function center as the venue for a kids science party, you can create an immersive and educational experience that sparks curiosity and excitement in young minds, all within a professional and well-equipped environment.


Function centres usually require advanced booking, so get in early to secure your date. They ask for a Public Liability Certificate. Please ask me to send you a copy when you book your party.

Function centre hire can accommodate LARGE parties.

4. School facilities

Depending on your child's age, you may be able to hire a room or small hall at your local preschool, primary school or even a high school.

Hosting a kid's science party at school facilities, such as halls and classrooms, offers several advantages that can enhance the overall experience for young party attendees. Here are the key benefits of using school facilities for science kids' parties:

      1. Familiar Environment:

                                     - School facilities provide a familiar setting for children, creating a comfortable and conducive atmosphere for

                                        engaging in hands-on science experiments and activities during the party.

                                     - Your child's school is geared to handling large volumes of children and 

        2. Educational Setting:

                                    - Schools offer an educational environment that aligns well with the theme of a science party, allowing children to

                                       explore and learn in a space designed for academic enrichment.

                                    - Your child's school may have enhanced their science curriculum by organising my captivating science incursion 

                                       experience, where students engage in interactive experiments, demonstrations, and hands-on activities led by an

                                       experienced teacher.  As such, their environment is catered for large groups.

                                    - NOTE to teachers: If you are a School teacher and your school books an incursion with me, then you qualify for a 

                                       party discount. Please enquire when you book your party for a discount.

        3. Cost-Effective Option:

                                    - Utilising school facilities is often a cost-effective choice for hosting science kids' parties, as these spaces are usually                                         available at a nominal fee or even free of charge for school-related events.


        4. Equipment Availability:

                                    - Schools may have access to educational resources and equipment that can enhance the science party           

                                      experiences, such as projectors, laboratory materials, and educational displays.

By leveraging school facilities as the venue for a kid's science party, you can create a stimulating and educational experience that promotes curiosity, learning, and fun in a familiar and budget-friendly setting. They ask for a Public Liability Certificate. Please ask me to send you a copy when you book your party.

School Facilities as a location for your science party

5. Local Park

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science party in local park.jpg

Hosting a kids' science party at your local park can offer a range of advantages:

      1. LARGE space for BIG experiments:

                                     - The spacious outdoor setting provides ample room for interactive science experiments and activities that are hard

                                        or impossible to do in a back yard.

                                     - Incorporating air rockets (see the rocket extra add-on on the parties page)  can add an exciting and educational

                                       element to the event. Kids can learn about aerodynamics, propulsion, and physics while having a blast launching

                                        and observing the flight of their air rockets.

        2. Other facilities:

                                    - Parks often have facilities such as picnic areas, playgrounds, and restrooms, which can enhance the overall party

                                     experience for both kids and parents.

        3. Natural Science opportunities:

                                    - Outdoor settings can also inspire creativity and a sense of wonder, making the learning experience more

                                     memorable and enjoyable for science-loving kids.


        4. Things to consider:

                                    - Obtaining cover: The weather conditions may mean that you need to plan for cover in case it rains or sun exposure

                                      during the summer periods. Heat from the sun when uncovered will tend to melt your wonderful food decorations as

                                      well as sunburn children.

                                    - Access to water. My parties required access to water (See party requirements page for further details)


Overall, combining the wonders of science with the beauty of nature in a local park can make for a truly unforgettable and educational experience for kids at science kids parties.


Any further questions, please ask when you book your party.

Science party in your local park.

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