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Who Is The Crazy Scientist

(Science Teacher, Presenter, Entertainer, Educator and all round….. BIG KID!)

The founder of The Crazy Scientist is a Science Teacher with a difference!

  • School teacher of 27 years 

  • Professional presenter of Learning Theory Focus On Learning Conference Sydney

  • Science facilitator at Taronga Zoo & Bicentennial Educational Centre 


Parents are constantly amazed (hear the audio feedback on my parties page) on how I can easily handle large groups of kids to engage their learning brains while having fun at the same time!


Teaching skills coupled with experience (and the love of learning) makes a BIG difference.

The original Crazy Scientist (known by his scientific name: Darin Carr) may be unconventional in his teaching methods, but that is what makes the workshops and experiences so much FUN, memorable and…… Magical.

Darin’s motto is basic. Make learning FUN, BIG and Magical!

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