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A3 Science Posters and Comprehensive Online Courses for Students and Teachers


This pack contains

  • Newton's Law of Gravitation
  • Gravitational field strength
  • Orbital velocity
  • Types of satellites



Enhance your classroom with vibrant, educational A3 posters and complement them with our comprehensive online courses designed to engage and support students in active learning.


Key Features of A3 Posters:


• Visually Engaging: High-quality vector graphics that clearly illustrate key scientific concepts.

• Educational Support: Ideal for reinforcing classroom lessons, these posters provide visual aids that help in the understanding and retention of complex topics.

• Versatile Use: Perfect for laminating, these posters can be used for a variety of interactive activities such as group discussions, information extraction, and feature analysis.

• Durable and Reusable: Made with high-quality materials, these posters are designed to withstand regular classroom use.


Designed for Active Learning


These posters are not just for display. They are designed to be actively used in the classroom:


• Interactive Learning: Encourage students to take down the posters, use them in group work, and explore the content in depth.

• Doodle and Note: Students can use the posters as templates to create their own ‘doodle’ notes, enhancing their engagement and learning.


Comprehensive Online Courses


Take your teaching further with our online courses, which include:


• Engaging Videos: Covering a wide range of science topics to help students understand complex concepts.

• Interactive Worksheets: Designed to reinforce learning through practice and application.

• Online Questions: Multiple-choice and open-ended questions that provide instant feedback.

• Kahoot Opportunities: Fun and interactive quizzes to test knowledge and encourage competition.

• Animated Encouragement: Gamification features like animations, point systems, and badges to motivate students.

• Lab Videos and Simulations: Real lab scenarios and simulations to bring practical science to life.


Subscription Benefits


Schools that subscribe receive all current and future resources during the subscription period. Subscription prices are tailored to school size.

A3 Gravitational fields & satellites posters

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