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Make your own colourful & crazy High Bouncing Balls with your own DIY High Bouncing Ball Kit!  


Explore the amazing world of elastic energy while making your own bouncing balls. It only takes three minutes to make your own custom multi coloured balls from the magic powder (included) and water!


You can change variables like ball shape or make three the same shape and different patterns. It's up to your inquisitive minds. There’s enough to make 3 different shaped balls.


So simple but lots of science fun! Explore how the different shaped balls bounce and learn about Newton’s laws of motion, elastic and potential energy and MORE.


We use these in our Crazy LAB videos to explore the science. Check them out


Everyone loves these bouncy DIY science toys!


Suits 5+ 


Please note: picture shows TWO tubs but price is for ONE tub.


1 x tub Kit contains two ball moulds and four coloured powder sachets. Simply add water, allow to set and magic - a Hi-Bounce Ball.

High Bouncing Ball - DIY Making Kit

GST Included

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