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rainbow bubble science  party

Gigantic bubbles

Welcome to The Crazy Scientist®

Making learning science simply…… Magical.


The Crazy Scientist is the place to be for the BEST science kids parties in Sydney,  hands-on science workshops (at OOSH centres, Libraries or vacation centres). My 27 years as a Science teacher means that:


  • Environments are visually memorable, FUN, engaging and unique so that you and your children learn science and want to go home and do MORE.

  • I have sourced the BEST science equipment around locally and from overseas to enable the highest quality instruction or experience.



               Who else has a giant Woolly Mammoth bone, Bubble device or
Sabre tooth tiger skull?


I use my experience and CRAZY mind to make EVERY learning opportunity FUN. Check out the pictures, videos and pages of all the areas I explore:​

  • Kids science parties 
  • Science Workshops  
  • Science Show
  • Science Teacher support and training 
  • Science Club support and training 
  • FREE science experiments
      and….. MORE!
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