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rainbow bubble science show

Crazy LAB Show

... BIG Fun & Learning

Preschool - Crazy LAB Show

Be part of the BIG science LAB demonstrations...

This show makes science FUN and visual through 10 BIG demonstrations covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

MEET my Robot!

Mechanoid is my robot that teaches science by:

  • Dancing

  • Talking

  • Telling jokes

FUN way to explore electricity, sound & more..

robot science show

Gigantic sphere

Get inside the giant coloured sphere. What does this show us about spinning?

hoberman sphere preschool science show
attacking octopus demo preschool science show

Attacking Octopus!

Static electricity demonstrations with a difference with the Van de Graff machine

  • Attacking octopus

  • Floating plates

  • Doll hair

vortex ring science show

 Fog vortex rings

The power of air pressure and making objects move at a distance.

Animals from the past

Learn about fossils and animals from the pas with BIG fossils:

  • Woolly Mammoth bone

  • Sabre tooth tiger skull

  • Woolly Rhino horn

  • T-Rex Tooth

Gigantic Rocket Ship

Rockets use force from gases to push them upwards. See this on a small scale before we up the SIZE with the 1.5 m Balloon rocket!

giant balloon rocket preschool science show

Gyro Bike Wheel

Spinning objects are stable. How is this like a popular toy?

bike wheel preschool science show

Dancing Ninjas & colors

3 children dress up as a coloured ninja and we explore how white light is made up of many colours.

place holder image

Customer Feedback..... 

Our Preschool in Darlinghurst had a visit from the Crazy Scientist. They learned about high and low pressure systems in both air and water, investigated x-rays and even took turns being put inside a giant bubble! I would definitely recommend this one! It's very different from the usual ones on offer and the kids had a ball! 
Georgie Wollaston Director KU Frances Newton Preschool

Taking bookings for 2024

School bookings get a discount if booked before end of term 4 2023.


Book now to secure your spot. 



    • Appropriate for ages 3 to 5 years with a maximum of 30 children per class. 

    • 2 trestles at the front of the room (white screen or whiteboard positioned in the center – we can provide if needed)

    • Access to 2 power points minimum

    • Program time 45 minutes

    • Setup time 45 minutes, pack up time 45 minutes


     $530 (+GST)

For regional centres a travel fee is needed to cover time and petrol of $70 per hour (travel time) outside Sydney metro.


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Encouraging curious minds


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Thanks for enquiry. I will get back to you by the end of the day, if not earlier.

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