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This resource contains 4 animal A3 bird posters. They are highly visual and contains key information on adaptations as well as numerical data that can be used in activities such as:


- tabulating

- graphing

- conversions between units

- building food chains food webs

- classification taxonomy

- classification of types of adaptations

(structural, behavioural, physiological)


Why not combine this with other animal groups such as :

- Koala

- Bald Eagle

- Golden Eagle

- Polar Bears

- Siberian tiger

- White Rhino

- American Alligator

- Rock Hopper Penguin

- Sloth

- Poison Arrow frog


You can buy the larger poster packs OR if your school subscribes (High school or Primary School), you get these and ALL the other resources for FREE for the duration of your subscription. 

email school quote:


High School subscription information in download file.

Primary School subscription information & samples coming in 2024

A3 Bird Adaptation poster set

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