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Super Scientist Workshop

Amazing science activities that promote FUN, educational learning.


This program is a modification of my hands-on science birthday parties.

The workshop begins with an interactive science show based around the science of colour, solutions and the powers of observation in Science. This BLOWS their minds with the giant bubble device!


They then explore many hands-on experiments in which they encounter a 1 m Woolly Mammoth femur, 1m Woolly Rhino horn and many other amazing hands on devices to pump their curious minds.

This workshop covers many areas of science from Physics (forces, electricity, light, pressure), Chemistry (chemical changes, density, polymers) all while giving the children material to take home !

Designed to engage younger kids, the children investigate energy and use their senses to discover how the science activities and toys operate.

Gigantic Bubbles

Learn about light dispersion, colours and the importance of observations while blowing your brain cells with many GIGANTIC bubble demos.

Kids & adults love getting inside.

wacky science show1.jpg

Woolly Mammoth Bone

The multiple exploration tables allow the children to explore a variety of materials from Geology (fossils), Physics (light, magnets, air pressure, Gyro & more) through to biology wioth preserved specimens.

Airzooka party

Air Cannons

They LOVE to explore air pressure with these little cannons!

We have two Air-Zookas in this workshops to explore air pressure & Newton's 1st Law of motion (in a FUN way).

Spooktacular science party

Exploration tables

I can add a spooky addition to the exploration tables known as 'Boo bubbles'. This is usually done around halloween BUT they love it any time of year

Lava Lamp Reactions

The children explore chemical reaction while making their own test tube lava lamps (to keep)

Instant Snow

They also investigate polymers in a FUN way through exploring Instant Snow which they take home.

colour crazy snow
chatterbox tube science party

Investigate air pressure....

My Chatterbox tubes are an amazing way for the children to explore the science behind how birds and planes fly. BIG FUN = great learning.

Recent Vacation care Feedback..... 

"A huge thank you to Darin for my son's 5th birthday party. Darin was sensational, and a week later people are still messaging me saying what a brilliant show it was and how much their kids loved it. Darin absolutely made my son's day, and was so warm, professional and patient. So glad we found him!"

Kaitlyn Tapia (Jan 20th 2023)


​​$455 (+ GST)  for 60 minutes or $550 (+GST) for 90 minutes per workshop.

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Encouraging curious minds


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