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Sickening Slime Workshop

Classic chemistry meets creative slime flare.

Hands-on vacation or school workshop all about the chemistry behind slime and polymers.

We explore a variety of slimes here from the classic (but messy cornflour slime), flubber and vomit slime to the ever amazing colour changing slime (Temperature dependent slime).

This workshop is a great way to explore polymers, and slime that actually defies gravity!

  • Make 4 types of slime while learning about polymers & 'activators'.

  • How does molecule size affect a slime?

  • ALL children get a coloured experiment sheet to continue their exploration as well as taking home their slime types.

We give each child a special chemical to take home as well so they can make the ever popular 'cloud slime'.


This workshop if FUN and educational but can be messy. Best for outside environments and easily washed surfaces. If this is not the case, I can easily substitute the messy slime for another amazing slime type.

Classic Oobleck Slime

This non-Newtonian fluid is messy, BUT amazes your brain cells.

Sickening slime workshop oobleck slime

Flubber Slime

A COOL non-messy gelatinous slime to explore the effect of variables on slime production.

How does concentration of a reactant affect the physical properties of a slime?

Sickening slime workshop flubber slime
Sickening slime workshop edible slime

Edible Slime

I can add this in place of the messy Oobleck slime.

This co-ploymer slides right down your throat!

Sickening slime workshop colour changing slime


Thermochromic pigments are used to create an amazing slime here.

Natural no glue

I show you how to make a mysterious slime using a plant based chemical with NO glue!

Sickening slime workshop

Slime Run

Some centres want to 'Run the Slime Trail'.

This extra experience is amazing..... needing MORE slime than a Flue ridden Dino sneeze!

(extra charge needed)

Sickening slime workshop walk slime
Dino Slime 12 copy.jpg
Sickening slime workshop gravity slime

We also explore gravity defying slime.

This super sticky slime is amazing and actually seems to defy gravity!

Recent Vacation care Feedback..... 

fgeedback 1
The Bubble mania workshop has created a love of science at our OOSH and more importantly a love of learning. Even I come away with with new knowledge from the workshop.

Holsworthy POSH (March 20th 2020)


  • Appropriate for ages 5 and up with a maximum of 30 children per class

  • 6 Tables arranged around a room.

  • Outside area for some slime needed.

  • Some activities need outside space.​​

  • Duration 60 minutes, set up time 45 minutes and pack up time 45 minutes

Booking Info

email me (Darin) at 

containing the information below or fill out the form. I will get back to your by the end of the day (if not sooner).


​​$455 (+ GST)  for 60 minutes or $550 (+GST) for 90 minutes per workshop.

Dino Snot Slime run extra $65
 to cover larger volume slime materials & time to make.

Enquire - Sickening Slime

Encouraging curious minds


Sickening slime workshop snot
02:30 PM

Thanks for enquiry. I will get back to you by the end of the day, if not earlier.

A show experience for bigger groups! 

rocket show copy.jpg

Wacky Science Show

Interactive BIG Show for larger audiences

looney LN exp title copy.jpg

LN Show

Interactive LN Show for larger audiences.

ooze slime tt.jpg

Get your own Slime test tubes

Class sets available

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