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Pulsating Pressure

"Welcome to The Crazy Scientist's Pressure Playground, where science gets a little wacky and a whole lot of fun! Get ready to dive into the exciting world of pressure with these awesome experiments designed especially for young scientists.

Join The Crazy Scientist on a journey of discovery as you explore the invisible force that surrounds us every day. From popping balloons with the power of air pressure to creating your very own mini tornado in a bottle, these experiments are sure to amaze and delight.

With easy-to-follow instructions and everyday materials, these kid-friendly experiments are perfect for budding scientists of all ages. Whether you're exploring the basics of primary science or looking for a hands-on way to learn about pressure, The Crazy Scientist has you covered.

So, grab your lab coat and goggles, and get ready to unleash the power of pressure with these exciting experiments. Who knows what kind of crazy discoveries you'll make along the way!"

If you like these, then why not join our Crazy Kids LAB Club. Join us as we unlock the mysteries of chaos and complexity in the laboratory. 

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crazy kids lab FREE experiment ball launch 2
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crazy kids lab FREE experiment Bernoulli Buster2
crazy kids lab FREE experiment magic cup1
crazy kids lab FREE experiment magic cup2

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hand in a bottle experiment 1
hand in a bottle experiment 2
Paper power experiment 1
Paper power experiment 2
can compactor1
can compactor2
balloon lift experiment 1
balloon lift experiment 2
air force field experiment 1
air force field experiment 2
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