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Requirements for a Science Party by The Crazy Scientist 

The following requirements and guidelines, help you in the planning and smooth running of your party when I am the host to create an engaging and well-organised science party that will inspire curiosity, spark creativity, and leave a lasting impression on the young participants.

Party numbers and Level of Party

As described on the FAQ page, the number of children at a party can influence many factors, from how many activities can be done in 60 min, the amount of consumables needed and management and transmission factors. Even though I can manage parties up to 490 by myself, additional children on the day may influence consumable quantities.

Once the level has been decided, the level number will be expected for the day. If numbers go above the level quantities, then additional charges will apply ($10 per child above the allocated level number, to a max of 4 children). If more than 4 occur then the next level charge will be applied.

Very young siblings, children who accompany adults and party participants must be supervised at all times. They are more than welcome to get inside a bubble, but if they are involved in other aspects of the party, then they will be counted in the numbers.

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What is the best age range for science parties?

Parties are designed to cater for ages 5 yr to 12 yrs. Younger children can participate if they are siblings but need parent supervision. Older students can be catered for, just let me know during booking. Being a Science Teacher, I can adjust the explanation accordingly and also add extra activities to extend their learning that are commonly used in high school.

Even during mid-range parties, you always see older siblings join in as well as adults. They can't help but be curious and satisfy their 'inner child'. Science exploration has no age limit.

1. Parking location

    I bring LOTS of material for your party to keep them engaged and moving.

   - 5 Tubs full of interactive materials

   - 1 tub extra if you book the Liquid Nitrogen add-on

   - TWO large display banners that make the lab environment amazing.

   -  TWO tables for the lava lamps, slime and/or snow experiment

   - 1 m Woolly Mammoth bone

If extras organised it would be even more!

Therefore, a close location to the party location is needed to make transporting all this material quick and easy.

2. TWO extra tables needed for the exploration materials

3. Towels and water for the lava lamps, slime and or snow activity.

The picture shown to the left shows a set up for the Tornado add-on. Amazing experience in air pressure and fluid dynamics.

4. Space - Adequate space for the party activities and numbers of children.  Flexibility is a key characteristic of being a teacher which I use constantly to make most locations work for parties. When planning your party, especially if you have a larger party, space becomes a major deciding factor in party location. If your home doesn't have the space, then look for another venue option. Please see suggestions on the left.

Materials needed and organisation

Rainy Day Plan: What Happens If It Rains at Your Science Party?

Prepare for any weather with our rainy day plan for your science kids' party! In the 100's of parties over the last 11 years, only a few have been affected by rain events as most of the time we can work around them with a  backup strategy in place to keep the fun going indoors if rain threatens your outdoor celebration.

When organising your science kids' party, be sure to include a Plan B for rainy days in case the weather doesn't cooperate. Check out our venue ideas for tips on how to make your event resistant to rainy weather.

Our science kids' parties feature a wide array of activities suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Experience the excitement of hands-on experiments, captivating demonstrations, and scientific discoveries, whether inside or outside. Rain or shine, your party will be a blast!


Contact me  to discover more about our rainy day plan for an unforgettable science-themed celebration!

Gone are the days were science was thought of as being only for boys. Science parties are inclusive and welcoming for all children, regardless of gender. If you have a working brain, then they are for you!


Science parties provide a fantastic opportunity for kids to explore the wonders of science in a fun and interactive way without any restrictions.  By offering a diverse range of activities that cater to various interests and learning styles, science parties ensure that every child can participate and engage with the experiments and demonstrations on offer. Encouraging curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity, these parties foster a love for science that knows no gender boundaries, empowering all children to discover the joy of scientific exploration and discovery in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Who are science parties for?

What take-home experiments do the children get?

I have designed the parties to not only be the BEST hands-on learning experiences around but also to encourage the children to explore when they get home. Science is EVERYWHERE and should not be only done when you have specialised equipment.

All kids take home a zip-lock bag containing their test tubes and instant snow. The experiment sheet they take home also explains a cool challenging experiment they can do with their test tube.

I recommend that the children continue to explore science in a hands-on manner based on inquiry learning and always ask WHY things happen. This is why I am making more videos, worksheets, teacher support documents in the Crazy Kids LAB subscription series.

For $2 a week you can get high quality videos, worksheets and more. 

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