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Erie Energy

"Welcome to the electrifying world of Energy Experiments, where science meets excitement! Get ready to spark your curiosity and ignite your imagination with a dazzling array of experiments that showcase the power of energy in action.

From exploring the wonders of electricity to harnessing the forces of motion,

these experiments will take you on a thrilling journey through the different forms and transformations of energy. Witness the magic of light as you create dazzling rainbow reflections, feel the heat as you generate your own mini fire tornado, and experience the power of sound with homemade musical instruments.


If you like these, then why not join our Crazy Kids LAB Club. Join us as we unlock the mysteries of chaos and complexity in the laboratory. 

  • MORE experiments

  • LIVE Stream experiment events

  • Monthly FREE prize draw.

  • Kids LAB worksheets - learn through drawing, tracing, cutting & pasting

For Teacher Subscription

You get even more value and the rights to use the worksheets in your classroom for the duration of your subscription period. To allow colleagues to use the resources consider upgrading to a school subscription (email for a custom quote for your school).

email: Darin at

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Best Value

Primary Teacher



Individual Primary Teacher

Valid for one year

All the features of Kids Plan

Access to teacher videos

Teacher risk assessments

Discount on Class Resources

Discount of School usage license

Discount of Incursion Shows

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crazy kids lab FREE experiment ball launch 2
Gravity water.jpg
crazy kids lab FREE experiment chatterbox tube2
energy balls.jpg
crazy kids lab FREE experiment Bernoulli Buster2
crazy kids lab FREE experiment magic cup1
crazy kids lab FREE experiment magic cup2

Best Value

Crazy Kids LAB Club



($1.50 per week)

Valid for one year

Parent & Child access to:

MORE 'Crazy' science experiments

Fun Worksheets

Fun Facts related to the content video

Monthly PRIZE giveaway

Discount on store purchases

Discount on Party Purchase

hand in a bottle experiment 1
hand in a bottle experiment 2
Paper power experiment 1
Paper power experiment 2
can compactor1
can compactor2
balloon lift experiment 1
balloon lift experiment 2
air force field experiment 1
air force field experiment 2
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cloud in botle2.jpg
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