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Great visual A3 poster to inform and engage students in chemistry. The posters contain:


- Engaging pictures

- Energy profile diagram

- Energy level diagram

- Main key features of reaction class


There are other reaction types

- Synthesis reaction poster 7 lab cards

- Decomposition reaction poster & 8 lab cards

- Combustion poster & lab cards

- Precipitation poster & lab cards

- Acid Reactions poster


Coming soon are primary school experiments in Crazy Kids LAB



In Development (Early Access Opportunity) 


Video Courses

  •  Use in a Flipped Learning teaching style-classroom / HW supportIn-Flip or at home use


  • Control pace of learning - Gamified environmentPoint systemAnimationsBonus material 


  •  REAL lab experiences - Content with in lab experiences up close! 


  • Student note taking support

       Student now more than ever just watch with little note taking. Videos (like we do in a classroom)     

       remind students to take notes, highlight key terms, make connections between video / content               areas etc 


  •  Literacy Support: ALL videos have closed captions which provides visual help for students learning as a second languageDyslexia language support 


  • Multiple Choice (being added) Questions After each video (soon to have analytics for teachers) 


  •  Worksheets (being added) FREE worksheets Addition resources will be available for FREE to teachers who has a school subscription. (Posters, activity cards, etc) 


  • Immediate question and answer help using an AI bot - Forum communityShare resources, study tips, etc in a supportive environment to help learning. 


Courses available


1. Junior Science

2. Senior HSC Chemistry,   Prelim Chemistry

3. Senior HSC Physics,    Prelim Physics


Teachers / schools interested in early access reduced cost, email myself at


and I can arrange a FREE trial period to investigate and then a reduced cost to access courses while it is being developed. 


High School subscription information in download file.

A3 Poster - Exothermic & Endothermic Reactions

GST Included

    Study Card Sets