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I have combined the cobalt system A3 posters with two worksheets that students can fill in when they explore this system in class. Print them off in colour, get the students to use coloured pencils to fill it out to emphasise the coloured complex ions.


This pack contains

  • A3 Poster Cobalt chloride system (concentration changes)
  • A3 Poster Cobalt chloride system (temperature changes)
  • Student worksheet for each A3 poster with answers


The posters are A3  in size which were designed for printing and laminating. Great for display on walls, A3 laminated cards for group work to examine while completing worksheets etc. Maybe print them as an A4 size or A5 for a summary book.



In Development (Early Access Opportunity)


Video Courses

- Use in a Flipped Learning teaching style-classroom / HW support

  • In-Flip or at home use
  • Control pace of learning


- Gamified environment

  • Point system
  • Animations
  • Bonus material


- REAL lab experiences

  • Content with in lab experiences up close!


- Student note taking support

  • Student now more than ever just watch with little note taking.
  • Videos (like we do in a classroom) remind students to take notes, highlight key terms, make connections between video / content areas etc


- Literacy Support

  • ALL videos have closed captions which provides visual help for students learning as a second language
  • Dyslexia language support


- Multiple Choice (being added) Questions

  • After each video (soon to have analytics for teachers)


- Worksheets (being added)

  • FREE worksheets
  • Addition resources seen in my TpT site will be available for FREE to teachers who has a school subscription. (Posters, activity cards, etc)


- Immediate question and answer help using an AI bot


- Forum community

  • Share resources, study tips, etc in a supportive environment to help learning.


Courses available


1. Junior Science

2. Senior HSC Chemistry,   Prelim Chemistry

3. Senior HSC Physics,    Prelim Physics


Teachers / schools interested in early access reduced cost, email myself at and I can arrange a FREE trial period to investigate and then a reduced cost to access courses while it is being developed.


As always, please let me know any errors or typos you may find as they do occur being only Human... before you provide feedback. I will address any issues quickly and get it sorted.

Cobalt Chloride System & worksheets 2023

GST Included

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